Preamble The current economic crisis and the collapse of many families unemployed and therefore in situations of maximum vulnerability has meant that, in so basic to human development such as housing okay, more appropriate laws are proposed to facilitate the retention and ease of payments to affected families. The legislation that drives the Municipal Housing Institute of Malaga, FRES (Families at Risk of Social Exclusion), and commissioning and with growing demand, is to regulate the procedure for the selection of households who are in or at risk of social exclusion and the sense of urgency in obtaining a sheltered housing rented warranted, whose accreditation should declare by the report of the Municipal Community Social Services. The idea is simply to ensure basic constitutional law, and which also covers the Statute of Autonomy of Andalusia, to have decent housing. The groups that are most likely to fall into a situation that could jeopardize their social integration will be the first recipients, provided they meet the requirements, their conditions are justified and that the FRES Committee, created in the instance of this sociocommunity performance, so fit. The operation of this committee is essential for a fair distribution of the houses that remain released and a fair management of waiting lists that may arise. In addition to this assignment, also has great relevance in this action Plan Changes, Exchanges and Transfers. Within the already allocated housing legislation is sensitive to changes, swaps and circumstances that may arise between tenants with the passing of the years, and may request changes or transfers, to be evaluated by the Municipal Housing Institute itself, which can improve accessibility issues, mobility support, comfort by increasing household or similar elements. The management of rental housing and the construction of this type of policy aims to always provide the user a more dignified and peaceful coexistence possible, depending on your circumstances and specific characteristics at the time of application. For these swaps also a committee of experts to assess the requests, and two types of changes or transfers is established; well in Dominical Swap, in which the user, to be relocated to another house has full control over it; and another under assignment of use mode, where it is established that no change in the conditions of lease or adjudication, these transfers are allowed to use a new housing adapted to their new circumstances only. Introduction The permanence or risk falling into a situation of social exclusion being the cornerstone for the implementation of this legislation, which aims to strengthen the bonds of the closest local authorities, with the suffering of the most vulnerable inhabitants. The preparation of a plan suitable to their socio payment, with constant monitoring by the Social Service are complementary actions that make the award of a home is the first step in the development and adequate social evolution of families affected. The philosophy of the rule is that, assuming a decent place to create and support a family, may give channels to adjacent to such situations as unemployment, marginalization, schooling or safety problems. Homes that are available to these groups will be those that have not been awarded in other processes of selection or promotion; which excluded thereof for fees already preset; the remaining liberated by previous renters death, resignation or similar situations; and those for sale which could not be sold. 1.1 Name of the action: Committee Rules and FRES (Families at Risk of Social Exclusion) 1.2 Description of the action: The allocation of housing under management of Municipal Housing Institute Malaga to those families who request it with the inclusion in the Municipal Register of Claimants, meet the requirements set to enter into consideration by the committee assigned to that effect; and then undergo a process of monitoring for proper payment of fees and proper use of housing.

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