Preamble The Municipal Housing Institute of Málaga, Málaga City Council dependent body, is responsible for managing and administering the entire housing stock of housing municipal ownership. Its main task is the promotion and promotion of protected and social housing to meet demand of citizens. The intention of IMV Malaga, specifically its Heritage Management Service Rental is always that their tenants have a quiet, dignified living, and economic conditions are consistent maintenance and perpetuation of homes that are owned and municipal management. Hence delinquency management is a fundamental aspect, much less for tax collection effort, but because public assets continue to have as much functionality as possible was assigned in its origin, which is not another to provide quality housing stock to the public, offer maintenance according to their characteristics and lead an administration thereof marked by transparency. Given the economic situation so complicated that surrounds us, with consequent social and family dramas produced by these judgments, and having the power to initiate proceedings in this regard, the Municipal Housing Institute Malaga wants to be the last option, and also has not applied for reasons of economic scarcity. As connoisseurs of reality, and more specifically the socio-economic and employment situation of their tenants and users, so that the occupation remains adequate, the quiet and peaceful coexistence and housing fulfill their social function; innovation in the fight against delinquency is essential, not to delve into the social exclusion of low-income families, and giving them a tool with which to planned payment obligations according to their income. Emphasize the temporary nature of consensus and agreement between management and users, strengthening the role of local administrations; and the need to raise awareness regarding debt completion and fulfillment of commitments. These Special Payment Plans, moreover, are not intended to look away in economic amounts that must go into city coffers; but to establish protocols to ensure that, for a time, they will continue to pay rents and community, and are to ensure settlement of the items which, during that period, paid leave. The user can continue to enjoy your home with peace of mind that, over time, the income will be met in a proportion of your income to release them for other economic obligations that come home. While the administration continues to fulfill its collection function, ensuring the collection of such items, and raising awareness among tenants of the need to contribute to the common, even in such difficult situations. Introduction Always with the intention of eviction or eviction is the ultimate solution, only justified when the delinquency is increasing and inspection services Municipal Housing Institute Malaga checked in his reports and visits to the tenant's income are consistent their rents and maintenance costs, is devised to reduce defaults the project called 'Special Payment Plans'. Through a report of the Community Social Services, Service Asset Management in rental can examine whether a case of late payment can be ascribed to this project. From there, the administration designed a spirit of consensus with the user a payment plan with a specific deadline, minimum conditions and a commitment by both parties, in order to access to housing to always open. Thus, management services reach the last corner of the socioeconomic conditions of the tenants, present and future perspective, for the purpose of payment of rental fees and community are met at least gradually. In addition to monitoring by the Community Social Services all commitments, no interviews and regular visits to analyze situations always related to economic, such as work, family, emotional, convivial, the health ... There is also a work between administrations and cross checking data needed for baremación and entry into the plan. 1. Facts 1.1 Title: Special payment plans. 1.2 Description of the action: Looking to curb delinquency and facilitate payment users to tenants housing municipal property managed by the Heritage Service of Rental Housing Institute Municipal de Málaga, a payment plan is designed with the user, depending on their income and socioeconomic and family conditions. There are commitments on both sides so that the debt is extinguished and the landlord-tenant relationship continue through the normal channels, driving record any choice of eviction.

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