Bagarmossen Smartup - Together for a sustainable and vibrant neighbourhood

In autumn 2014 Stockholmshem started up a new project in which local creativity and togetherness is utilized as an effective tool for positive neighborhood development in Bagarmossen. Together with local partners, companies and enthusiasts, we want to take care of there ideas that promote sustainable development for the people in Bagarmossen and Bagarmossen at large.

The project aims to support and boost the local processes that contribute to the social, economic and ecological sustainability of the area. By using local skills and go from idea to action in urban planning we can contribute to a sustainable development of Bagarmossen and inspiring other neighborhoods.

One of the key factors to make it work was to identify the local qualities, which required a local presence. Therefore one of the first activities of the Project was to open a local Project office, where everyone was invited to share their ideas for the neighbourhoods development over a cup of coffee. In this way, we get an understanding of what is requested from the residents and simultaneously we also get in contact with local dedicated people who can be involved in the realization of the ideas.

European Responsible Housing Awards 2016

Modalidad Local social sustainability

Dirección Lillåvägen 59
12855 - Bagarmossen