Responsibility and Leadership in Safety and Health in Construction Works

Since 2005 we have carried out the specific activity of monitoring safety and health at work. The object is to detect areas for improvement in the area of prevention and labour, developing corrective actions based on innovative criteria.

In order to do so, we have three safety and health technicians in charge of monitoring on site the preventive and labour management carried out by the Safety and Health Coordinator, and by the contracting company and its subcontractors.

Lines of Action :

1. Integration of the prevention in the project phase.

We promote an effective integration of prevention in all the phases that make up a worksite, from the project phase to its execution. We maximize the figure of the Safety and Health Coordinator from the project.

2. Subcontracting chain.

Since 2005, in order to reduce the influence that subcontracting has on the accident rate, we supervised subcontracting, setting limits that attempted to avoid a third chain. With Law 32/2006 on Subcontracting coming into force in 2007, we inspected to check compliance in our construction works.

3. Collective labour agreement.

We check that at least the agreement to be applied to the worker (regardless of the place of origin of their company) belongs to the sector corresponding to their activity and Territory in which the work is carried out, reducing disloyal competition between companies that apply inferior working conditions.

4. Transnational companies and foreign workers.

All foreign and transnational workers are obliged to be in a legal situation and current labour legislation is applied.

5. Working days and work calendars.

In order to avoid long working days that increase the accident rate and job insecurity, we demand real compliance with current working days and work calendars in territorial agreements that are to be applied.

6. Combating Late Payment.

Since 2014 we have been supervising payments made by the contracting company to subcontractors and suppliers to make sure they are carried out within the regulated period set by law, and that may affect the survival of companies or the working conditions of their workers.

7. Awareness among workers.

We aim to raise awareness among workers of the importance of the use of personal safety equipment in addition to promoting their participation in safety at work, thus promoting a reduction in accidents and incidents at our construction works.

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