92 bioclimatic building ASFV in C / Development, Móstoles

The building consists of a block of 92 rental housing for young people, with an allocation of 1000 m 2 buildable for commercial premises and parking in basement. Following a restricted competition, an exemplary proposal was sought as to the criteria of high energy efficiency, and therefore lower consumption of nonrenewable also taking the project to propose areas of high social value ratio capable of integrating different groups of cultural background, social and ethnic. It faces south and has a slight curve accentuating the energy use of solar radiation by way of a solar hemicycle. It appears as a sharp, clean and serene volume containing in its interior, and manifest on the outside, an organizational structure that meets the programmatic, aesthetic and energy loads. The homes are through, optimizing crunched and crimping its geometry to passive energy saving systems, on one hand allowed in summer periods natural cross ventilation through them by capturing solar radiation in the winter period.

AVS Awards 2010

Modalidad Public housing


Dirección C/ Desarrollo nº19, Plaza Sol nº1
Madrid (Spain)

  • Eduardo Prieto González
  • Antonio Gómez Gutiérrez
  • César Ruiz-Larrea Cangas
  • Diseño Ahorro Energético S.A.
  • Instituto Municipal de Suelo de Móstoles
  • UTE Factesa-Terratest