32 Housing and day centre facilities for youth and the elderly. As Pontes. A Coruña

Young and old share more things than we are accustomed to suppose. Bedroom homes, two at most for that caregiver at night, or just born son, or grandson who comes to see the grandparents, or work .... Spaces relationship that we share; corridors, balconies, laundry, access ... a global house, not a building. A compact volume contains indications of the regulations. Garage in the basement, access and day center on the ground floor, which occupies the entire plot, and housing in the top four, with appropriate setbacks. Two cores in the medians communications, drying racks and storage, regularize the complex geometry. The position of these parts on the same plant as the housing facilitates a more continuous use of real support. The core lands in a sort of cascade relationship spaces and stay intertwined with double heights. Eight apartments per floor. Towards the park, running, with direct access to the living area of ​​each house; to the patio, the bedrooms; Toilet and kitchen in the center shared utility ducts. The day center occupies almost all of the ground floor. Main entrance from the porch on the south end, closest to the pool and gets the small boulevard that is created from the strip. Although legislation should be dividing, reality presents the possibility of a facade closer to formal treatment. A distributed communications longitudinal axis of the main areas: public at first, with the reception, activity room, dining room and patio. In the background inward direction and restricted use areas with direct access from front, kitchen and stores. Attached to the shaft, toilets, lockers and closets. A clear and flexible scheme, with double east-west street-yard.

AVS Awards 2013

Modalidad Integrated operations


Fecha de inicio de obra 2007-12-12

Fecha del certificado final de obra 2010-06-22

Dirección As Pontes
A Coruña (Spain)

  • Gonzalo Alonso Núñez
  • Elizabeth Abalo Diaz
  • Consorcio Galego da Igualdade e Benestar
  • Vicepresidencia da Igualdade e Benestar. Xunta de Galicia
  • Instituto Galego da Vivenda e Solo. Xunta de Galicia
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  • Juan Moreno Badía