Preamble The Municipal Housing Institute of Málaga, Málaga City Council dependent body, is responsible for managing and administering the entire housing stock of housing municipal ownership. Its main task is the promotion and promotion of protected and social housing to meet demand of citizens. The Municipal Housing Institute is a living and dynamic organism that has managed to put the ability and enthusiasm of the staff working for housing development. In these years has been the largest housing developer in Malaga, although the IMV not Free rent homes built just social. In homes for rent that manages innovation in inspection and maintenance actions has been the key to a smooth relationship with users, correcting incidents and making coexistence and neighborly relationship more transparent. The collaboration of the IMV in performances equipment for Malaga, allows approaching the solution to improving endowments city services: Fire stations, police stations Barrio, multipurpose centers ... The Rehabilitation of Historical Downtown and other neighborhoods city ​​and the provision of cultural facilities, have remained key objectives of this organization. Introduction Through Management Service Rental Real Estate Assets are entrusted with the preservation and promotion of works to ensure living conditions and use of housing as well as prolonging the life of them. Also, the Municipal Housing Institute manages, based on various agreements signed to this effect between the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of the Junta de Andalucía and the Hon. City of Malaga, various housing developments public advocacy. The main functions of this service Heritage Management for rent can be synthesized in the administration responsible for housing developments and local car ownership or jurisdiction of Municipal Housing Institute of Malaga. And all with a dynamic of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction of tenants and citizens of the environment. Innovation in the measures and actions implemented has been the constant in the various departments of this service, always looking for the comfort of the citizen and the tenant, trying to solve the issues that arise in daily becoming and always advocating for decent living of tenants. Hence maintenance actions are perfected with the registration and tracking of applications; that inspection activities are diversified to output incidents and irregular occupations, or to be put in place plans to eradicate problematic neighborhood in promotions, such as: -Plan Pets Protocol of vandalizing -Protocol Desinsectaciones -Protocol Hoarding -Plan Coordination with Local Police -Plan Coordination with Social Services -Delivery Interim Keys All these innovative features are exposed in the Explanatory Memorandum. The general objectives and actions that make up the daily work of the service are: .- Improve coexistence: Delinquency, local coexistence, integration of families at risk of social exclusion, no irregular occupations and occupations. .- Improve maintenance of housing and local: Shares of preventive maintenance compliance period and conditions of repairs and review of all maintenance actions. .- Improve contract management: Management and administration of leases of managed houses, substitutions, renewals and actions for the effective management of Housing Social Integration (VIS). .- Improve the process of evictions: Regularization of illegal occupations and implementation of plans of action. To do this, the service consists of a team of 13 people is divided into seven groups of interrelated actions: -Unit 1: Inspection and relations with neighboring communities. Coexistence Plan. -Unit 2: Maintenance of homes and communities. Works in general. -Unit 3: Relations with the delegates of the Junta de Andalucía, responsible Park Housing Agency Housing and Rehabilitation of Andalusia (AVRA). Management and devolution. -Unit 4: Contracts. Leases of houses and local awards. Contract Review. Signing of agreements, control and monitoring. -Unit 5: Adjudications. Committee for awarding housing Risk Families in Social Exclusion, changes and transfers. -Unit 6: Legal Team. Subrogation and evictions. -Unit 7: Collection, payment plans and outstanding control. 1. Facts 1.1 Title: Management Services Real Estate Assets in rent. 1.2 Description of work: Management of housing for rent under management Municipal Housing Institute of Málaga, both in property such as those administered under delegated powers of other administrations. The main actions are based on the award, relationship with tenants, management changes and transfers, making payment plans, collaboration with other bodies to dictate the suitability of housing care, adjustments, etc.

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