In 2012 Boligkontoret Danmark decided on a CSR-agenda, “Cooperative social responsibility”. The political aims of the agenda are based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, and focus on four main areas that fit in with Boligkontoret Danmark’s values and business strategy:

  • Society: renting of flats to socially vulnerable citizens
  • Buying and building: socially responsible agreements with contractors in renovation cases that generate training places and apprenticeships for young tenants in cooperative housing departments.
  • Staff conditions: through comprehensive education and development programs BDK seeks to strengthen the professional and personal competencies of staff members.
  • Environment and energy: BDK strives to optimize energy consumption at work and to achieve a more environmentally correct and energy efficient housing stock, as well as supporting environment-friendly behaviours.


To ensure that staff and tenant board members are provided with the skills and competences they need to fulfil their tasks, while contributing to their personal and career development.


Through its Business Strategy 2015 and Objective program 2015 (and Objective program 2020), Boligkontoret Danmark (BDK) commits to strive to become the best and most attractive place to work in the sector. To that end, it launched in 2010 a large-scale and intensive education and development program for the benefit of the organisation’s different types of staff members.

By offering to its employees a richer working life through personal development and career opportunities, stronger individual and organisational competences and room for a good balance between working life and personal life, employees will be motivated to yield an attentive and result-oriented service to members, boards, tenants and society as a whole.

A high level of ambition demands highly qualified staff members. Constant development of the qualifications of all staff members of Boligkontoret Danmark will result in better housing, better organisation and will equip staff to face future challenges. 


The education and development programs of Boligkontoret Danmark consist of a series of different education programs (see “tools used”) for its staff groups and comprehensive development programs. A common feature of all training programs is the establishment of network groups and individual coaching among participants across the organisation, in order to enhance knowledge and networking among staff members.

All training courses are completed with evaluation and diplomas, giving the participants a possibility to offer feedback, which is used to improve courses’ relevance and effectiveness. 

Key results and benefits

  • Talent development program: 20 participants in 2008-10 and 17 participants in 2010-2012. Almost half of the participants have achieved promotion and new areas of responsibility following the talent development program.
  • “Whole brain profile” conducted for all staff members and leaders in BDK – through an individual feedback – which leads to a situation where everybody in BDK is ready to corporate better with each other and with the tenants and board members.
  • Leadership programme for all managers in BDK. No company in the social housing sector in Denmark has ever taken all their leaders (managers) in an ECTS point based education at the same time.
  • “Chief consultant” programme attended by all consultants
  • Maintenance management program attended by all local maintenance managers
  • Better personal service in the housing areas thanks to competencies of local maintenance managers, improved outdoor surroundings and cheaper daily management, to the benefit of tenants.
  • Positive evaluations from courses’ participants

European Responsible Housing Awards 2014

Modalidad Responsible Human resources management