POEI - Individual operational preparation for employment

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Future trainees are selected as follows:

- job offer advertised by Pôle Emploi;

- information meeting facilitated by 3F for interested job seekers: presentation of 3F and their activities, the caretaker job, the profile required, the POEI mechanism;

- Pôle Emploi’s pre-selection of approximately thirty candidates using the SRM method (Simulation Recruitment Method);

- interviews with every candidate by 3F’s Human Resources teams, resulting in the selection of 10 or 12 of the most motivated candidates;

- compilation of the trainees’ dossiers in conjunction with Pôle Emploi, Afpols and collecting agency Uniformation;

- sending of the pre-hiring letter signed by 3F to the 10 selected trainees.

At the same time as the training course, Immobilière 3F’s employment department monitors the vacant positions which could be reserved for trainees after the final examination. Caretaker tutors in the Ile-de-France region are also appointed to support trainees during their practical training in the field and to evaluate them.

Once pre-hired, trainees are given:

- 35 days’ on-site training;

- 3 non-sequential weeks in the field with a tutor, who himself is an experienced 3F caretaker.

A final 2-day examination completes the training with the award of a certification.

Upon completion of the examination, Immobilière 3F proposes a permanent position, which involves a 3-month trial period. The trainee continues to be a job seeker between the end of the training course and the taking up of the position.

Every job offer is subject to an interview with the site’s manager and a visit to the building. Further to these exchanges, the employment contract is signed.

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