Clean Together - Green Together

Clean Together and Green Together are methods for involving tenants in the management of the collective indoor and outdoor areas of housing complexes as a means of enhancing the living environment.

Tenants themselves are best placed to know what is needed to maintain or improve their living environment. Both initiatives give tenants a say and an influence and enable them to become involved. They also provide a clear framework and principles for effective collaboration and communication between residents, Eigen Haard staff, and cleaning and gardening companies.

Clean Together and Green Together have various levels of involvement, ranging from self-supervision to self-execution. This enables almost everyone to become involved in self-management. These levels are detailed in a menu, which determines the sharing of responsibility between tenants and Eigen Haard.

The levels of self-management are:

1. Self-supervision: Tenants supervise work and handle any complaints. Eigen Haard is available to answer any questions, organise the cleaning or maintenance contract and deal with financial administration, such as paying suppliers and levying service charges.

2. Self-procurement: In addition to self-supervision, tenants determine the cleaning or gardening schedule and choose their own supplier. Eigen Haard is available to answer any questions and takes care of financial administration.

3. Self-management: Similar to self-procurement, but tenants also take care of finances. Eigen Haard is available to answer any questions.

4. Doing it together: Tenants carry out any simple work themselves. A cleaning or gardening company carries out more complicated maintenance. Eigen Haard is available to answer any questions and takes care of financial administration or pays the service charge to the tenants who do the self-management.

5. Self-execution: Residents carry out all of the work themselves. Eigen Haard is available to answer questions and gives tenants a financial contribution for their work.

In order to help them develop the necessary skills, tenants may receive support from a cleaning or gardening company. Or from the community partner: the Dutch Gardens Foundation (De Nederlandse Tuinenstichting). See appendix “Cursus tuinieren” (Gardening courses). Further information on the sharing of responsibilities can be found in the appendix (Varianten Samen Groen). More general information about Green Together can also be found there. (The appendices are in Dutch)

European Responsible Housing Awards 2016

Modalidad Local social sustainability

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