The “Biodiversity” project’s

To implement this project, the SDH began a relation and a collaboration with FRAPNA Isère (associative group of protection of nature in Rhone-Alpes region) thanks to an agreement signed in June 2014. FRAPNA provides support on biodiversity issues and awareness among residents and staff. Furthermore, one of the providers, the green spaces company, is regularly called for advice on the management of outdoor spaces.

The project is based primarily on five test sites defined in collaboration with FRAPNA Isère, the green space provider company and "responsible sector" of the SDH. These test sites were chosen for their ability to welcome a new management method on their green spaces. They already have an environmental nature (presence of shared gardens for example) or are available at the reception of sensible management for biodiversity.

The new management is based on a zoning of each site. 5 areas were defined:

• Life and safety area

• Educational and sharing area

• Nature and Biodiversity area

• Intact and woody area

• Mineral area

For each zone, a management method is assigned. Management will be more or less frequent and more or less varied in function thereof. Also, they must provide answers to a process of rational and sustainable management or either some sites and species present. To do this, a mapping software is used to distribute the areas logically for to promote the development of biodiversity and the development of life framework. The mapping also provides an overview of the zoning and management method on each sites of the heritage SDH.

An important place is given to the communication and awareness of residents and staff of the SDH. Indeed, the preservation and development of the biodiversity requires above all a population realization.

European Responsible Housing Awards 2016

Modalidad Good governance and fair relations to stakeholders

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