Sarah Bernhardt: the renovation of a high-rise building together with the stakeholders

Carrying out the works in an occupied premises involved putting in place a support service which was offered to every resident in order to provide them with information about the works carried out and how the new equipment in each flat worked. As the planned programme of works had an impact on the lives of the existing tenants due to the replacement of equipment within the flats, consultation and personalised support were essential in order to enable the works to go ahead. During the works phase technical support was organised for the tenants which included awareness raising and safety measures as well as advice on how to use new equipment. Where there were unusual or difficult situations, Aiguillon Construction helped to organise additional discussions before the works were carried out.

Prior to the works an office was set up on the ground floor of the building which was intended to be:

• A place where people could get detailed information about the project and find out more about it, the worksite, the parties involved and the state of progress, and where they could participate in group support measures.

• A place for the various project partners to meet: residents, main contractor, architects, lessor...

• A social meeting space for the residents of the building and neighbourhood, and a place of refuge when there was too much noise (especially for those people who stay in their flat all day).

The regular on-site presence was also intended to provide a link between the Aiguillon office, the companies involved, the town hall, and the residents. The main way of providing this link was to arrange discussions with residents on a one-to-one or group basis where they could make complaints or suggestions about the renovation programme – throughout the works period.

As communication forms the basis of any relationship, the idea was to strengthen dialogue "on the residents' doorstep", to provide information and discuss issues relating to the project, to provide a "shop window" for it, and to be able to provide a more tangible form of communication.

The main constraints of the renovation project related to carrying out major works in an occupied premises (168 flats) while allowing shops and a weekly market to carry on operating in the immediate vicinity of the building.

European Responsible Housing Awards 2016

Modalidad Good governance and fair relations to stakeholders

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