ÖBO climate concept

The ÖBO concept is about saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. It is a multi-year project involving culture, structure, determination, and commitment. Real and lasting results will enable the organisation itself to realise that energy efficiency improvements are an essential part of day-to-day operations.

The methods adopted by ÖBO have developed into a unique concept. It involves a journey to sustainable energy efficiency improvements, with valuable benefits along the way including reduced energy consumption, lower operating costs, reduced environmental impact, increased property values, standard solutions that provide minimal constrictions and more independence, a monitoring model that reduces the risk of degeneration, and goodwill – all brand-strengthening.

One thing that makes it unique is the structure of the technology. The technical platform that ÖBO uses is proven technology, and the hardware is a standard industrial solution that can be purchased easily, meaning that ÖBO is not dependent on specific suppliers or locked into specific systems. The right technology creates the right conditions for the freedom of choice of software on the market, which means the freedom to purchase applications/services based on wishes and requirements. A dozen or more services have already been successfully developed within the ÖBO Concept, greatly contributing to ÖBO’s energy work.

ÖBO’s concept is not based on patented technology, but rather on a systems approach. The technology is built and controlled by an organisation’s own operation, and can therefore easily be tailored to meet needs that arise in the future.

There are already many solutions included in the ÖBO Concept, developed successively by different suppliers where ÖBO is the client. These solutions include:

• Systems for measurement and control with central data management

• Forecast-based control of heating

• Invoicing based on consumption

• Customer application to “monitor my own consumption”

• Lighting control and central lighting relay

• Ventilation control

• Laundry rooms with “pay-as-you-go” for energy consumption

• Controlled engine preheaters

• Systems for the reporting and monitoring of prioritised measures to be taken, along with visualisation of real-time data

• Monitoring of the energy performance of construction contractors and builders

The development of new solutions is always ongoing, and at the moment ÖBO’s focus is on improving heating efficiency.

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