Boligkonflikten - voluntary mediation in housing conflicts

“Boligkonflikten” means the housing conflict. This project is offering skillful and voluntary mediation to neighbors who are in conflict with each other. DAB, fsb, Lejerbo, VIBO and 3B are five of Denmark’s largest non-profit housing organizations and are participating in the project. fsb is administrating the project. The project is planned and evaluated in cooperation with the University of Copenhagen. The project is funded by Trygfonden and the five participants.

The goal is to implement mediation as a supplement to the legal process in working with housing conflicts. “Boligkonflikten” employs 15 voluntary and skilled mediators, who all have a Master’s degree in Mediation and Conflict Resolution (MMCR).

The mediation itself is a process where two mediators help the parties finding and negotiating a solution, that is satisfying for all parties. The mediator helps the parties communicate, but is not decision maker or judge in the case. Mediation not only involves the parties in resolving their own conflicts, but it also is a process, where the conflict resolution begins within weeks and not years.

Geographical the project covers all of the Capital (Copenhagen) and immediate surroundings.

European Responsible Housing Awards 2016

Modalidad Local social sustainability

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