Child democracy

The project “Child democracy” is a collection of various methods and activities which focus on involving children in the democratic work of Ved Milestedet. The aim of involving children is to get a better understanding of how children view their residential area and to get insight into their needs and wishes for their homes. Children have a different look on the potential of a residential area and they can spot unleashed potential.

Furthermore, the aim of the pilot project is to give children a better understanding of democracy and to help children understand that they can gain influence on their homes and livelihoods by using democratic channels.

In the pilot project these five methods were tested:

• excursions to other estates

• meetings in existing clubs in collaboration with the school

• meetings with children

• photo safari

• meetings between child democrats and adult democrats in which all attendants at the meetings are considered equal.

The project has been successful beyond expectations and the project team is now looking at deploying the project in 3 other estates. Besides giving inspiration to specific methods that can easily be duplicated, the pilot projects shows two major results: 1) this can be done by using existing resources and 2) inclusion of children leads to important innovation and insights into the residential area.

However, it is necessary that the adults are willing to have an open mind, view all ideas as valid and finally to meet children as equals. When we take children seriously and treat them as equals we have a good foundation for developing active citizens and thus creating a sustainable democracy.

European Responsible Housing Awards 2016

Modalidad Local social sustainability

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