“Residents live in a house. But the quality or perception of that home is defined to a large extent by the neighbourhood in which it stands. But what is a good neighbourhood exactly? And how do you create one?” This was the starting point for the project: Create Your Own Space-S.


At Space-S, we turned the regular new-construction process around. Normally we start by building a house, searching for residents, renting out and then we organise the management in consultation with residents. At SPACE-S, the residents first formulate how they want to live, both in the home and as a community. Only then do we start building.

From scratch

Residents collaborate from scratch. The development and design process is set up in such a way that the residents’ wishes are taken into account at every stage. Through a creative process at a high pace, directions were determined about the urban development structure, the residential floor plans, the architecture, the mix of people and operational matters.


The first months of the process the residents developed DNA of Space-S. The DNA served as the basis for the development of the spatial and social evolution.

Future residents of Space-S are looking for a place where they not only live, but where they can also work, relax and meet. The DNA of Space-S is building a bridge between green + urban, together + self, and flexible + framework.


Residents provide input, make choices, and work together with Woonbedrijf in the development of over 400 homes. It is not a waiting period system that is the determining factor.

Engaged residents are rewarded: the more involved you are, the more chance of obtaining your favourite house. And active residents attract new residents. All ages, backgrounds and education levels intertwined.


Woonbedrijf works with future residents on the basic principle of “equality”. Professionals demonstrate openness to the wishes and possibilities of the residents. The resident is co-client of Space-S. Ownership, therefore, lies for a large part in the hands of the residents.


Sustainability is reflected in several areas of the DNA, according to the people-planet-profit principle. A compact neighbourhood, with ample space for green, many possibilities for socialising and community, flexibility and adaptability within a clear framework.

A mobility plan has been set up offering the use of electric cars, bicycles and a smart parking system. A unique combination of thermal energy storage (TES) with groundwater remediation makes for a double sustainability solution for the future.


At Space-S more than 400 rental properties are being realised: student studios, apartments, lofts, live-work units. The time between the start of the process and the completion of the homes is approximately four years.

There are eight collective courtyard gardens and roof terraces, and two larger and three smaller indoor areas for communal use.

European Responsible Housing Awards 2016

Modalidad Local social sustainability

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5617 BS - Eindhoven