Well-being and Fitness Meeting

In September 2015, the Habitat 62/59 Picardie management board invited all employees to take part in the "Rencontres de la Forme" fitness meetings. One morning was given over to a variety of workshops offering everyone the chance to take stock of their fitness level in a reliable and fun way, and introducing them to the benefits of physical activity and a balanced diet.

1- Workshop 1 – “Diagnoform” or fitness diagnosis: assessing your physical condition and lifestyle habits

As a group exercise, colleagues are invited to measure their physical condition through five tests: endurance, strength, balance, core strength and flexibility.

Each colleague receives an individual results sheet. It highlights physical qualities, areas for improvement and advice as to how to achieve it.

2- Workshop 2 - taking stock of your lifestyle habits

Every colleague is invited to respond individually to a computer questionnaire on their lifestyle habits. They each receive a lifestyle audit report. It presents points to watch out for regarding diet, level of physical activity, stress and sleep, alcohol consumption and smoking.

3- Workshop 3 - Well-being

Employees are invited to a group relaxation session run by a specialist medical practitioner. This workshop offers colleagues the opportunity to experience the benefits of relaxation, to learn the basics and gain a clearer understanding of everyday situations of stress and anxiety.

4- Workshop 4 – “Diagnofood” or food diagnosis

Around a healthy snack (smoothie, fruit etc.), colleagues are invited to assess their dietary profile and discuss their food balance with a specialist.

5- Workshop 5 - Introduction to Nordic walking

Led by a coach, colleagues are offered an introduction to Nordic walking, a sporting and recreational activity suitable for all levels. This workshop demonstrates that physical activity is for everyone.

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