Recognize and value employees while also engaging them in the preservation of the environment

Employees create works individually or collectively from recovered material or on the theme of the environment. In addition, workshops on the theme of "art & reuse" and "art & plants" are offered to staff members:

- A series of 3 workshops "art & reuse" was led by a sustainability committed association, composed of designers, architects, and artists. Employees learn to create decorative items or furniture from the company's scrap and waste material.

- Two cycles of 3 workshops, led by an artist, offer employees the opportunity to create original mobile gardens and suspended planters coming from the company recycled material of wood pallets, and plastic sheeting scraps, etc. and learn about planting.

- In the course of 2 workshops, teams of gardeners from Paris Habitat teach employees how to make vertical garden walls from wood pallets, scraps of the company.

Employees thus discover how to create, ideas on how to re-use material, the life cycle of plants, which species are best adapted to the urban environment, and maintenance procedures.

These workshops will lead to creations that will be exhibited during one month, starting in June 2016, on the premises of Paris Habitat, and then they will be returned to their creators.

In addition, and to support this project, other initiatives are conducted:

- A material library consisting of different scraps and waste of the company was proposed to employees.

- Awareness on the use of plastic cups and bottles, and water was organised in partnership with the Eau de Paris Company, the Paris’ water distributor Co.. Reusable bottles, mugs, and leaflets were distributed.

Plastic cups were collected during a day at the headquarters of Paris Habitat. From these cups employees constructed a chandelier that will be suspended during the exhibition, to reveal just how many plastic cups are used per day on a site of 650 people, providing cause for reflection.

- A tour of two of the Agency's emblematic gardens, in particular the garden awarded the ECO jardin label , in order to better understand the role of plants in a city, and their ecological management methods.

- several lively performance to distribute seeds and learn the best way to grow seedlings in scrap material such as used plastic cups, were held prior to the "art & plant" workshops.

- The exhibition will take place in June 2016

European Responsible Housing Awards 2016

Modalidad Responsible human resources management

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