Retroffiting neighborhood of Santa Engracia (Badajoz)

This Project began with the support of LIFE + 09 Program, looking for solutions in the field of construction, it was demanding new solutions and tools in order to develop energy building rehabilitations.

The Project highlighted as basic objectives the supporting of good practices in energy efficiency in order to improve the awareness of any agent involved in the construction process (builders, users, technicians, etc...)

The main Project purpose is, through energy rehabilitation, to reduce the energy losses and CO2 emissions in buildings during their running, contributing to mitigate a part of the climate change of our planet.

EDEA-Renov Project has been developed mainly in Extremadura (in the middle-west of Spain), however the results obtained in the project can be applied in other climates or in buildings located in other regions with a similar climate.

EDEA-Renov has completed several results focused on the improvement of the guidelines, knowledge and supports the dwellings energy rehabilitations.

The best way to sum up EDEA-Renov project is highlighting the huge number of achievements completed:

• 6 social houses energy rehabilitations have been made, studying the costs and real improvements in the buildings, also comparing with the non-rehabilitated houses around it.

• 10 tests about energy improvements and installations have been made in EDEA demonstrators in Caceres.

• EDEAsim: on-line energy simulator has been made.

• 8 dwellings have been monitored in order to check the real improvements achieved after the energy rehabilitations and user’s energy consumption behaviours.

• EFICIEX has been developed: a low cost and open source monitoring system.

• 16 technical courses have been realized in order to train builders, technicians and users. These courses were theoretical and practical.

• 6 main publications have been published in order to improve the knowledge and tools of users and technicians in the energy efficiency field.

• ClimEX: Extremadura climate database has been developed; it provides climate files of 66 towns of the region.

- More than 1000 people have visited the EDEA demonstrators during the project EDEA-Renov.

- There were more than 1300 assistants in courses and talks of energy rehabilitation and construction legislation.

European Responsible Housing Awards 2016

Modalidad Good governance and fair relations to stakeholders

06006 - MÉRIDA
Badajoz (Spain)