The "Habitants solidaires" network : for a social development of our residences

The network “Habitants Solidaires” has been launched in April 2016: it is composed of Immobilière Podeliha tenants who want to get involved in their neighbourhood to reinforce social links between inhabitants.

In September 2016, during the Social Housing Congress in Nantes, this tenants’ network was recognized as an innovative and relevant approach and awarded the “Social Innovation Price” by the Urban Minister, Patrick Kanner.


“Habitants solidaires” act for General interest. Their mission is to welcome new tenants, to take part in the district life with local partners, to propose social initiatives with the social housing provider, for the “Well living and doing together”

Within Immobilière Podeliha, the Social Innovation Department coordinates and develops the network with the help of local partners and employees. It also manages the “Habitants Solidaires» ‘teams (spread over different districts), coordinating them, and innovating with all the stakeholders.

Regularly, the Social Innovation Department invites the “Habitants solidaires” ’teams do define, collectively; actions carried out by them and provide them human, technical and financial resources. The “Habitant solidaires” project participates to the emphasis on creating sustainable relationship with the local partners.

The actors are local representatives, social centres, social integration enterprises, a French Start’Up (Smiile) and local associations. Values and items defended by the “Habitants Solidaires” are: social link, local and circular economy, sustainable development, trust, services and goods sharing, composting, waste reduction, conviviality, etc.

As they are actors, the “Habitants Solidaires” contribute actively to the implementation of services, partnership and actions for Immobilière Podeliha. This relationship of trust between the social housing provider and its tenants is a new innovative way for Immobilière Podeliha to get informed and to have a better knowledge of the realities on the ground.

In summary:

“Habitants Solidaires” propose, get involved and create with the social housing provider about various items: social link, environmental protection (shared gardens), the sharing of knowledge, goods, services, the wastes, the “consume differently”, the “better live together”, etc.

“Habitants Solidaires” suggest ideas, are involved and co-create with the social housing provider about various items: social link, environmental conservation, shared gardens, knowledge, goods and services sharing, responsible consumption, “well living and doing together”, etc.

A few concrete actions:

- Composting shares, Citizen Day, Neighbour’s Day, Christmas Trees competition, free market, second-hand market, cultural events, welcome drinks gardens creation, etc.

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