Towards better "employee" experiences in Valophis’ headquarters

Working conditions to contribute to well-being at work:

A better quality of life and well-being at work were an integral part of the design of headquarters; with modern and functional spaces, the office now allows employees to work together easily in a stimulating, spacious and bright environment.

The number of meeting rooms has doubled; they are all equipped with modern and high-performance audio-visual equipment; large screens, videoconferencing, Wi-Fi, wireless broadcasting, etc.

Relaxation areas are accessible to all on each floor through "relaxation room ". They allow for snack breaks and are conducive to exchanges between employees. On the ground floor, a break room and kitchen is at the disposal of employees. The outdoor areas have been landscaped and fitted out with furniture to enhance the working environment.

The provision of shared "gym-ball" on each floor both strengthens the quality of life at work and improves employees' posture

The practice of sport is encouraged through group classes given by a professional coach on the premises. Participation in charitable sports events unites employees around common objectives and develops camaraderie.

Work organisations:

- Flexible hours make it possible to vary arrival and departure times ; this flexibility makes it possible, in particular, to allow for a better work-life balance, to generate less stress related to commuting in the Paris area

- Teleworking is also an innovative form of work organisation, the aim of which is to give flexibility to employees' working conditions

- The "right to disconnect", the use of information technologies, electronic messaging, laptops and smartphones are vital to the company. However, it must not have the effect, as a result of uncontrolled use, of encroaching on employees' rest and holiday time. In addition, a company agreement, an educational guide and awareness-raising campaigns have been carried out to ensure that the balance between professional and personal lives is respected.

Societal and partnership commitments:

The Valophis group works with "Baluchon", a socially responsible public utility company in the catering sector, which prepares dishes from fresh and seasonal products offered every day at lunchtime to employees at the headquarters. Baluchon allows people in difficulty and isolated from the job market to reintegrate both socially and professionally.

Since 2015, the Valophis has also been supporting young people in their job search by engaging in sponsorship schemes run by the “FACE94” business club network or the "Nos quartiers ont des Talents" association. These partnerships have already taken the form of four professional mentoring sessions for young adults with Valophis employees, and Job Academy sessions for job seekers.

In December 2018, the Valophis group signed a partnership agreement with the "GESAT" network, an association of the social and solidarity economy. The objective is to provide professional activities for people with disabilities.

European Responsible Housing Awards 2019

Modalidad Empowering the team, addressing employees changing needs

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