Growth space Heesterveld: synergy through smart cooperating

From no-go area to cool city district

Heesterveld's four residential blocks were built in 1982 in response to the high-rise buildings in the Bijlmer. The goal was to bring back the human element, yet the neighbourhood came into a downward spiral. Degradation and crime in 2007 prompted the neighbourhood to renew through demolition and new construction, until the crisis halted the plans.

High-profile place-maker

The crisis in 2008 led to the rejection of the demolition and new construction plans. Ymere was forced into interim management and opted for an adaptive plan and organic approach.

The first step was to create a high-profile place-maker: the Creative Community with small workshops, catering and bed & breakfasts in one of the buildings. In the other three blocks, young people and students were temporarily housed. Since the many offices in Amsterdam-Southeast have also discovered the hospitality industry, Heesterveld is buzzing like never before.

European subsidy for growth space

With the help of a Heesterveld brand book, Ymere and its partners proactively steered this process. This also resulted in a subsidy for an entrepreneurial growth space of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Ymere and the Municipality have therefore started investing in the plinths of these housing complexes. On the site of former salvages, an OndernemersHub is now being created with co-working spaces, studios, sports facilities and a community of ambitious entrepreneurs.

Cooperation with industry

After the Creative Community, ambitious entrepreneurs will settle in the plinths of this developing area. Special about the Hub is the supply of coaching for entrepreneurs by business developers: a collaboration with experts from the business community. This is where starting and continuing entrepreneurs from the district get an inspiring work environment with high-quality facilities. Support in the form of information, counselling interviews, professional coaching and expert practical guidance. Within a network of entrepreneurs and experts.

Social investments

Together with the Creative Community, OndernemersHub and the physical interventions in the area, these social investments contribute to a broadly supported area of development in Amsterdam-Southeast. The opening up of the plinths also has a positive effect on the neighbourhood, quality of life and property values. It contributes to what a corporation stands for: district renewal, lively plinths and affordable living in a pleasant living environment. And to the transformation of Heesterveld into a unique place where you can live, work, do business and meet up. 

Partners Heesterveld Creative Community

Ymere, Commission for Ateliers and (Residential) Workshops (Cawa) and foundation HCC, Bureau Broedplaatsen of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Partners OndernemersHub

Ymere, the Municipality of Amsterdam with a subsidy from ERDF, independent coaches and the support of a board of experts from business entrepreneurs.

European Responsible Housing Awards 2019

Modalidad Building strategic alliances, fostering community participation

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