Enhancing the cooperative idea - social strategy of FLÜWO Bauen Wohnen eG

The social strategy of FLÜWO is based on three pillars:

Social management:

The individual case work includes long-term protection and preservation of the apartment, create awareness of lease obligations, help in fulfilling these obligations, help with budgets, rent arrears counselling, assistance with administrative processes, reduce fear of contact to offices, advice on social problems and cooperation with external social management.

The district development does not look at the individual case, but at entire residential quarters when social conflicts exist. The tasks are to observe the environment, identify improvement potentials and establish neighborhood meetings.

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The FLÜWO-MOBIL is a VW bus that makes regular stops in the FLÜWO residential quarters to talk to the residents about life in the neighbourhood over coffee and cake. With the help of this "vehicle", employees can determine exactly where and in what form support is needed.

The FLÜWO-MOBIL pursues the following objectives: Identification of needs and demands, build or expand neighbourhood infrastructure of individual neighbourhoods, strengthening the cohesion of the neighbourhood and create space for social and cultural activities. We achieve our goals through small or large neighbourly actions.

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FLÜWO Foundation:

The FLÜWO Foundation offers extraordinary support services concerning the issues of living, neighbourly cohabitation and district development.

It was founded to support needy people financially. In addition, children's, youth and senior citizens' facilities are supported. Thus it strengthens the quality of life and stay in the residential quarters. In addition, the foundation supports civic engagement by setting up meeting places and establishing neighbourhood aid associations and other volunteer structures.

Individual help

The aim is for tenants to be able to remain in their apartments and quarters for as long as possible, even in emergency situations. This is where the FLÜWO Foundation can help:

- In the fulfilment of performance obligations in the tenancy, e.g. through the temporary assumption of rental payments.

- When carrying out renovations.

- In the event of a need for renovation or a change of residence due to age.

Strengthening the neighbourhoods

In addition to needy individuals, we support the neighbourhood structure at the tenants' homes and expand it through targeted support.

- By promoting civic commitment and social interaction, for example by setting up meeting places and supporting and setting up neighbourhood aid associations.

- By supporting children's, youth and senior citizens' facilities as well as contact points for social counselling in order to strengthen the quality of life and stay in the residential areas.

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