Ekedal is 150 apartments for young people, between ages 18-29. The three houses consists of small apartments with mainly one and two rooms, and are located just a stone´s throw away from Skövde city centre. The houses were finished for moving in during spring 2018.

In order to keeping the project costs low, three factors were of importance; client expertise, competition and cooperation. By continuously building, Skövdebostäder has experience in how to build right and efficient, and have also developed the ability to take advantage of the competitive situation on the contractors’ market, leading to a good end result. By cooperating with several partners, such as contractors, sub-contractors, municipal office, all parts of the production chain can be developed and more efficient.

Skövdebostäder has led the Ekedal project in its entirety, with many collaborative partners. Asplunds bygg AB has been the contractor.

Skövdebostäder has been granted investment funding from the Swedish government, which has also contributed to the low rent.

European Responsible Housing Awards 2019

Modalidad Fair financing for housing affordability

Dirección Brunnsgatan
54137 - Skövde