The first label awarded for an environmentally responsible garden that preserves the city's natural ecosystem

Paris Habitat received the National ECO Garden label for its ecological management of the Meaux-Carrel garden in the 19th district of Paris. Paris Habitat is the 1st public social housing agency in France to receive this label, which is awarded by NATUREPARIF of the Greater Paris Regional Area, and Plante et Cité, the national association responsible for promoting nature in the city. It was granted after a thorough audit in which various points were analysed and justified such as: the training of teams, green space management methods and tools, soil quality, extent of its biodiversity, and the use of the gardens by the tenants...

As part of this approach, Paris Habitat borrowed from NATUREPARIF a photographic panels exhibition, "Architecture and Biodiversity: the Greater Paris Heritage", which were placed on the gates of the residence for a month, accessible to tenants and residents. In June 2016, in connection with the Paris’event "Off to the Garden", this garden will offer guided tours by its internal team of gardeners, as well as sustainable development and local staff members, along with the participation of tenants and employees of Paris Habitat. The objective is to promote the initiative to all stakeholders raising their awareness towards this environmental commitment to support this deployment.

European Responsible Housing Awards 2016

Modalidad Environment

Dirección Rue Meaux-Carrel, 19th district
75019 - Paris
Paris (France)