La Cité des Ainés

La Cité des Aînés is an innovative concept, which dramatically change the way we are taking care of elderly people. On this project, architecture is adapting itself to the seniors and their dependency’s evolution.

Designed through the idea of a « village into the city », la Cité des Aînés intends to fulfil all the seniors’ needs for health, wellness, social link, accommodation and foodservice.

The project is located in Saint Etienne which counts more than 171 000 inhabitants, at “Bellevue” district, and provides :

- A long-term care centre offering 159 beds (+1 family room ) and including :

* 2 psycho-geriatric units with 14 beds specialized in neurodegenerative diseases and a specially trained staff

* 2 units for highly dependent elderly people with 14 beds

* 1 unit for elderly disabled persons with 15 beds : A living place dedicated to patient suffering from psychiatric pathologies linked with ageing, providing psychologic supports and appropriate activities

- A residence for independent elderly persons with 35 dwellings (studio apartment or 1 bedroom)

- 12 fully equipped dwellings for disabled persons with 1 or 2 bedrooms

Beyond these facilities, this project includes a real walking street opened onto the outside, designed through 2 ideas :

- « A village into the city » :

This project offers an aging-well journey and becomes a real part of the city during daylight, welcoming everyone.

La Cité des Aînés is a place for living, wellness and sharing the moment, thanks to:

* A cosy and relaxing atmosphere through chosen colours, materials and furniture.

* An artistic pathway

* Dedicated lights to enhance well being and mark the route

* An environment taking into account the 5 senses to welcome people in places dedicated to their needs

* A light signature scent

- Meeting points and living spaces for the residents, their families and local inhabitants :

* A restaurant and a salon de thé

* A specially equipped fitness room

* Wellness zones

* A cultural centre where artists can share their view with the audience

* A human services hub providing governance, caretaker service, home services…

* A shared vegetable garden with therapeutic virtues

European Responsible Housing Awards 2019

Modalidad “Plus qu'un toit” – Equilibre social des territoires

Dirección 12 rue du Guizay
42000 - Saint Etienne
Loire (France)