energy ambassador TRIME

The aim of this project is to achieve a long term increased energy efficiency and well-being of the residents in social housing by facilitating them to actively change their behaviour. A team of 7 social housing comanies providing social dwellings for the vulnerable group of social residents, togeher with experts in the field of technology assessment, change management, policy expertise, transfer of knowledge and putting the user in the centre of the development of new idea and products, have joined forces to achieve this challenging overall objective. The key steps needed to achieve TRIME's goal are: empowering the residents to change their consumption behaviour, providing solutions so residents are also technically and financially supported once motivated to change their purchasing behaviour, supporting residents in joining minimising energy consumption and maximising the indoor living conditions and assisting social housing companies in changing their purchasing behaviour. Moreover to achieve long lasting results with a large deployment of the project results, an ambassador team will be empowerd to motivate an ever growing community of social residents saving on energy consumption. TRIME focuses both on energy consumption behaviour change and change in purchasing behaviour of the vulnerable group of social housing residents. Smart meter information will be used to assess the current energy consumption and changes induced by the TRIME activities.

European Responsible Housing Awards 2019

Modalidad Des organismes innovants, vecteurs d’une transition énergétique équitable

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