Le Lab Design Thinking

The LAB is an internal but independant structure that relies on the following resources:

- Chief Design Officer,

- Prospective Unit

- Lab manager

- Team of 15 employees trained in Design Thinking techniques

- The whole enterprise body

- A group of experts

- Eco-system of startups

As inputs, the following issues are dealt with:

- test potential solutions

In this context, the projects to be worked by LAB Vilogia are submitted by the "prospective unit" which will have identified existing solutions, products or services, more or less successful and potentially interesting to meet customer needs and uses.

- solutions to find

In "solutions to find" mode, LAB Vilogia responds to the requests of a business manager that relates an identified subject (use, process, technique, etc.) for which we have no internal solutions and for which needs to be explored and formalized with the development of solutions.

- "PUSH" mode

In PUSH mode, LAB Vilogia is self-powered to find and test potential solutions, based on new ideas, proposals, etc. having emerged during creative sessions.

The working method is inspired by Design Thinking with its different stages:

> Empathy,

> Define (the problem),

> Ideation,

> Prototyping

> Test.

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