Jury Awards Social Housing Catalonia 2012 will consist of:

The Director of Planning and Sustainability, which will act as Honorary President of the Jury.

The Mayor of the city where the ceremony takes place prizes, or person who delegates.

A representative appointed by the Executive Committee of AVS Catalonia, which act as secretary of the Jury.

Two representatives appointed by the Executive Committee of AVS Catalunya, professional prestige.

A representative of the Ministry of Housing of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Three representatives of professional associations.

A representative of the Federation of Housing Cooperatives.

A representative of PACE.

Jury members
Sr. Xavier Valls Secretary
Sr. Maurici Armengou Member

Asesor de Subdirección de Edificación de la Diputación de Barcelona

Sr. Josep Lluís Solé Member

Presidente-Director General de GERCA

Sra. Esther Llorens Member

Jefa del servicio de Programación de Vivienda Protegida, adscrita a la Agencia de Vivienda de Catalunya (Representante de la Secretaría de Vivienda y Mejora Urbana del Departamento de Territorio y Sostenibilidad de la Generalitat de Catalunya)

Sra. Conxita Balcells Member

Arquitecta (Representante del Colegio de Arquitectos de Cataluña)

Sr. Jaume Casas Member

Vocal de la Junta de Gobierno y delegado del Vallès Occidental CAATEEB (Representante del Consejo de Colegios de Aparejadores, Arquitectos Técnicos e Ingenieros de la Edificación de Barcelona.)

Sr. Jordi Guasch Member

Vocal de la Junta de Gobierno del COEIC (Representante del Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Industriales de Cataluña)

Sra. Eva Martínez Member

Presidenta FCHC (Representante Federació de Cooperatives d’Habitatges de Catalunya (FCHC))

Sr. Joan Basagañas Member

Regidor de Vivienda, Ocupación e Innovación (Representante designado por la Alcaldía del Ayuntamiento de Sant Just Desvern)

Sra. Ascen Navarro Secretary

Secretaria Técnica

Jury decision
At 16 h., And the company headquarters on the street Regesa de les Tàpies, no. 4 have met in the second session the members of the Jury Awards 2012. Social Housing Catalonia are present all members of the Jury, except Mr. Xavier Vilajoana has apologized for assistance.

As decided at the last formal session of the jury, the past 5 and April 26, took a tour of the different selected works. Corresponds to today's session the final act, where explicit the various awards, exposing the arguments considered.

Before making public the list of the various prizes, the Jury wishes to congratulate the organizing body AVS Catalonia, determination to maintain this call in some difficult times for the real estate sector, and especially for public and private companies, which have specialized in recent years in the promotion of social housing.

That said, we are on the awards:

As for the Research Prize and Dissemination distinguishes the author of works or publications to a better understanding of the housing sector, the Jury considers it appropriate to grant it the work presented under the title Local Government and Housing Policy, presented by Management Housing Services, Planning and Activities Barcelona Provincial Council has prepared a series of strategic documents support to help make decisions on housing policies, which include the methodology used to collect data initially, convening working groups and discussion with diverse experiences, and ending with a phase contrast and foresight. It is a rigorous and useful work, which is still more, to coincide with the beginning of the last municipal mandate.

Regarding Award Local Housing Office distinguishes management efficiency and innovation programs which give facilities to the public, the jury considers it appropriate to grant it Terrassa Local Office under the direction of Housing Terrassa SA , has been promoted by the City Council. Compaction and performance of the mediation services of social rental housing, granting certificates of occupancy, aid towards rent, for processing the basic emancipation, aid to rehabilitation is valued in this case , processing of tedis and registration of asylum-subsidized housing, getting provided and cohesive team, has rendered efficient service, and is valued within their municipality.

Regarding the Urban Planning Award distinguishes finally adopted planning that has as one of its main objectives the creation of social housing, the jury considers it appropriate to grant it the Partial Plan Residencial Santa Coloma de Cervello / Sant Boi de Llobregat, promoted by Incasòl, Barcelona Provincial Council and the Regional Council of Baix Llobregat, and designed by the architectural team Serra-Vives-Cartagena. It welcomes the resolution contained a very precise and scale of the interstitial space between two streams and two municipalities, after many frustrated attempts he turned to residential use.

Sets a path ledge between the two municipalities and orders the space with two types of premises: conventional street in the densest areas and management of public spaces associated minor types of low density. All with a sensitivity that allows linking orderly Colonia Güell, route cornice and the new residential fabric.

The jury has decided, however, not to award the Prize for Performance in Housing Rehabilitated, since basically works that have piqued your interest in this section are mostly derived from the proposals submitted to the Integrated Award Performances. Aware of this fact the jury has seen fit that leaving award the prize to the Rehabilitated Housing, award two prizes "ex aequo" for Integrated performances. The first of these awards is given to the City of Barbera del Valles for Rehabilitation of 27 buildings (2008-2012) -Project Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan The Romànica, all highlighting the set of various municipal departments, with the support of the Provincial Working Barcelona and Catalonia, which has promoted a more remarkable run that has allowed- once approved a specific ordinance granting aid- the comprehensive rehabilitation of 27 buildings housing an important throughout the neighborhood impact.

- Sutrias & Associats SL Ros: The second "ex aequo" award for Urban Renewal Performance Via Sant Ignasi de Manresa Sector, which has submitted the Promotion of Urban Rehabilitation, and which teams have worked architects and following grants , Pich - Aguilera Computer Architecture, Lola Domènech, Antonio Montes and Robert Brufau.

Prominently valued formalization of a system of public spaces, widening streets, squares rethinking, redeveloping the backbone of the neighborhood and also creating new paths with the construction of a walkway connecting parts of the district, so far difficult relationship. Finally emphasize the creation of new buildings carefully integrated into the joint housing and a new pair Parking respond to the demand.

The last Performance Award for New Housing Construction, has been the most debated at meetings of the Jury, hence the large number of works submitted promotions, such as the quality of them. In this sense we want also to highlight two promotions, although eventually they have not earned the award for aspiring deserve our recognition. We refer to the 33 houses in Begues Pasqual Mas Sector, of Folch Architects Marc and Maria Pilar Calderon, promoted by IMPSOL, of which highlight its containment measure, simplicity and austerity. The resolution of parking and retaining walls of the ground floor, demonstrate how easily solve the toughest problems. On the other hand we can not forget the 287 Housing Park Pinetons of Ripon, of Pascual architects / Ausió promoted by IMPSOL, who superbly resolved lace promote the area, making an alternative and imaginative approach to planning previously in effect proposing a classic management on two islands aligned to the vial, with standard depths.

Now, and now entering fully into the content of the awards, the jury has seen fit to grant a mention to Energy Efficiency at 168 Alexandra complex rental housing HPO, Dotacional Public and Social Amenities architects Ricard Perich, Rafael Gàlvez and Eduard Freixas, promoted by VIMUSA in the City of Sabadell, all highlighting its air conditioning by geothermal energy, with a centralized management system and simultaneity of different parts of the complex, which has allowed them to adjust the sizing and cost, obtaining now energy qualification A.

On the other hand, the jury has decided it without complying in this case bases contest- Mention award for Innovation for Housing Univeristarias on the campus of the ETSAV in Sant Cugat del Vallès. This is projected for the following work equipment and architects: Data Architecture i Enginyeria SLP; Claudi Aguiló; Albert Domingo; Productive Àrea HArquitectes SLP; Xavier Ros; Roger Tudó; David Lorente and Josep Ricart, Promoted by UPC / UTE Compact Habit - Consturctora d'Aro.

It is an exercise well resolved industrialized construction, perfectly adapted to the territory and energy efficient, with a great interior flexibility and built around a common space shared by all residents.

Finally, as to Award New Housing Construction, the jury decided to award it 80 subsidized housing in Salou, the architect Toni Gironés that have been promoted by Affordable Real Estate Development / Foundation Obra Social La Caixa. Special overall harmony and balance between public and private spaces, with a very elaborate distribution of housing, which allows users to make better use is valued. The implementation of the joint in the territory is smart and allows a solution to the basement. The implementation of the joint in the territory, is smart and allows a solution to the basement, which is halfway between the car park and public space. It is a sustainable and innovative project that leverages all resources, both material inventing new uses, for the perfect incorporation of vegetation in the set designed, taking advantage of the conditions and climate of the area available. Finally we highlight an orderly facade, on the terrace allows an individual user intervention, without affecting the order of assembly.

The jury finalizing its work, wants to encourage those present, to all institutions and companies specializing in social housing policies and the people who work in no case to be weak in some pretty difficult times for the sector, where legislation and public budgets seem to give back to the interests of citizens. The crisis that surrounds us, surely end up aggravating the housing problems, and then have to resume the suspended jobs now, more energy and imagination if possible.

At 17.15 h. log out


Xavier Valls

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