Central Pneumatic Waste Collection in the neighborhood Agfa, Aranjuez.

A simple and prismatic building that houses the motors, control elements and containers is planned. About this elemental prism an inclined wooden structure, south facing, supporting photovoltaic panels and provides coverage overlaps the ship. With this formal economy and means the program is solved. Besides a storage system rainwater, which takes as a formal reference Caz Bird, water infrastructure sixteenth century incorporated. By having a slight downward sloping terrain northbound, the possibility of replacing the landscaped slope on the southern boundary of the plot by a pond in the upper part and to irrigate by gravity arises. In the coastal of this vessel base "sunshade" which, coated panels go adopts a metallic appearance is supported, hidden from the street views mulberry and start of the Cuesta del Caramillar the main building. A landscaped slope solves the inside. Outside a tower that has the dual function of hiding the chimney of the treated air emission used in the suction and also serves as a support for posters, illuminated from within like a lighthouse standing position.

AVS Awards 2010

Modalidad Integrated operations


Dirección Barrio de Agfa
Madrid (Spain)

  • Ismael Martínez López (ingeniero)
  • Gomez y Atienza arqutiectos SLP
  • Sociedad Local de Suelo y Vivienda de Aranjuez
  • ENVAC Constructora