Center for Training and local development initiatives in Ponferrada, León

This is a building for vocational training center in the town of Ponferrada open awarded by the architect Julián Zapata competition. The building of 3500 m 2 in area, is divided into two floors with the main entrance leads into a hallway from which a linear distribution is organized to all areas as fishbone both leading spaces "access public "and services such as those restricted use, thus ensuring proper distribution. This great hall dealer is itself a space ratio of visitors who opens to turn courtyards linked to the various classrooms. These "light wells" ensure proper lighting and ventilation in all rooms, thus preserving the privacy of the spaces and the "isolation" should pursue an intervention of this type. These courtyards are presented as large gaps of light into the building. The spaces of "public access" as the main entrance, access to professional offices and access to the auditorium are "sectorialized" by uses and can function as independent program. The twin volume, gives the building a space wealth to lighten its considerable volume. The building closes outwards and opens more inward looking in the first case the privacy and comfort in the second. The exterior facades are proposed combination of large precast panels slotted concrete and masonry walls of concrete and plaster finishes and erosions waterproof paint. This makes the use of BASF essential to ensure waterproofing products thereof. PRODUCT USE BASF The purpose of this work is the moisture treatment of facades supported on thin plastering mortar and precast concrete panel flashing and sealing cover. Surface preparation in grooved precast concrete panels Manufacturing defects are repaired: voids and bumps on site with repair mortar Emaco R-205, once repaired apply 2 coats of Masterseal 326. Consumption approx 350 kg of Masterseal 326. Surface preparation mortar facade: Masterseal hand 317 50% diluted in water, due to the porosity of the support and the diluted product is applied to ensure adhesion of subsequent layers of Masterseal 317, in this case 3 coats were applied prior profiling perimeter seal applies a flashing mode. Consumption approx. 1,300 kg of Masterseal 317 Other applications: Are also supplied 300 kg of Masterflow 952 for anchoring machinery. Also Emaco S-88 is supplied as structural repair mortar. Masterflex 474 48 sausages 600 ml is spent. Installation company: IMPERMITEC, SL established in Ponferrada (León)

BASF Architecture Award



  • Julián Zapata