Mas Rodó Winery Wine in Mediona, Barcelona

The winery Mas Rodó in reform and adequacy of a farm house built in the seventies on the existing features of the old eighteenth century farmhouse where, with little action on the structure, has acted to define an image and condition the space for a contemporary winemaking. On an original masonry base, the new wood and steel facade redefines the volume of the building and is comfortable between the natural and the historical. The ventilated facade system, a double skin in wood, tempered inside the wine room to optimize control in the fermentation of must and minimizes energy consumption; while the thickness of the old stone wall gets conditions of temperature and humidity more than satisfactory for aging wine. Two bodies break down the opacity of the ship and put in relation the exterior and interior, or the vineyard and wine: the window of the tasting room looking south over the vineyards, and the front porch of harvest. Clad in Corten steel, light and landscape injected interior space by a schizophrenic spring color Pantone 375C. Continuous floor of the winery Mas Rodó are designed so that, for n side, define open spaces (in gray color) and which are closed in if (color Pantone 375 C); while on the other qualities that provide a hold of these characteristics requires: watertightness, while a non-slip finish thanks to the effect of the aggregate. It is a multilayer BASF pavement, formed by applying a primer coat to the concrete, followed by a line, then a saturation with colored aggregate and finally sealed in epoxy resin.

BASF Architecture Award

Modalidad Non-residential private buildings


  • Carles Sala
  • Sala Ferusic
  • Josep Ferrán