Housing Solidarity Network (SLA)

In these times of particular economic hardship, many Madrid families have seen their incomes fall to levels that put them at risk of social and housing exclusion. Therefore, the SLA, acting from a comprehensive and strategic approach, incorporating the municipal housing policy Network Housing Solidarity, a program that puts 200 homes, property EMVS available to institutions and organizations dedicated to fighting exclusion, leased, with a share price of 2 euros / m2 up to 160 euros per household. An innovative solution that provides specific care for people at risk of social vulnerability and exclusion. Specifically, those families who, as a result of the crisis and eviction processes have lost or will lose their homes; especially to families with all members unemployed and their dependents, women or men with children in their care, single people who have exhausted their unemployment benefits, and such other persons or families municipal social services determined to be or at risk of exclusion. The innovative housing program is twofold development that complement and covering the demand of groups at risk of homelessness. For one, in July 2012 an agreement between the Areas of Family and Social Services, the Town Planning and Housing and the SLA, for cooperation in the management of this ambitious program, which adhered entities nonprofit signed , sagging housing to eligible families. At first Red Cross, Caritas and Provivienda adhered, although subsequently joined Altius Foundation, EMES (Empresa Social SL Educators); ABD, Welfare and Development Association Women Opañel, Realities Association, Alternative Up and Salesian House Garelli. Moreover, in June 2013, and to the smooth running of the program, it was decided to extend it so that more families can access this type of housing. Thus opens a second aspect of the social services of the 21 District Boards of Madrid, directly propose families may be awarded housing. In short, a solid and extensive network of supportive public housing, in which both personal resources, and economic, are reversed as the EMVS repairs and housing adapted to the needs of families, with an investment of around 800,000 euros almost .

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