Rehabilitation of devastated regions in AMATE

In the area of ​​Seville Amate neighborhood bounded by the ave. San Juan de la Cruz, Paulo streets Orosius and Carlos García Oviedo and Ruperto Chapi Square (known as Devastated Regions ) there are 210 homes and 6 commercial premises owned by the Central Government . The original project dating from 1956 and built dwellings distributed between 43 and 59 m2 in 18 isolated or paired blocks of three floors surface. The poor condition, high level of deterioration and low quality construction make it unfeasible rehabilitation of the building by entail disproportionate cost . Is chosen so for comprehensive action comprising the demolition of buildings, redevelopment of land and construction of new homes , a collaboration between the Ministry of Housing, Andalusia and the city of Seville. The manager is EMVISESA performances . Demolition of existing homes has been executed , so this project concerns the building of new plant of the land for residential use. This plot will be delimited in accordance with relevant project management , the ave. San Juan de la Cruz in the north, south street Orosius Paulo , Carlos García Oviedo street east and proposed new public space west . There is traffic on the road that limit the plot to the north , south and east , being completely pedestrian access from the west. When you have made ​​the development works in progress, the plot will be provided with all the necessary services and infrastructure ( road and pedestrian access , water supply , sewerage , street lighting , mains and low voltage , natural gas network and telecommunications) , as indicated on the drawings. The plot has a roughly trapezoidal shape, an area of ​​7265 m2, approximately north-south orientation lengthwise , and there is a difference of 2.23 meters between the surrounding steely flush at the highest point (northeast) and lower ( southwest ) of its perimeter.

AVS Awards 2013

Modalidad urban planning


Dirección Sevilla
Sevilla (Spain)

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