Preamble The Municipal Housing Institute of Málaga, Málaga City Council dependent body, is responsible for managing and administering the entire housing stock of housing municipal ownership. Its main task is the promotion and promotion of protected and social housing to meet demand of citizens. Within its Promotional Management department, highlighting the building in New Homes in Málaga popular neighborhood known as 'Garcia Grana' or 'December 4', which has been one of the most important actions that the Municipal Housing Institute Malaga He has conducted in recent decades. And this project has sought to replenish so serious harm caused to families and their homes on the occasion of the Fourth Creek floods in December 1958. That catastrophe motivated the construction in 1959, then provisional, of a housing for the relocation families and that after more than 50 years became obsolete. For the relocation and mobilization of some 500 families in the neighborhood, the IMV Malaga included this area in your home plan and in several phases, have been delivering them to neighboring or affected heirs, returning what floods ago over half a century they snatched, giving the accommodation a touch of modernity and conform efficiency today's standards, and by retrieving the neighborhood and surrounding areas a bright and open splendor, and gives better access to the neighborhoods and surrounding areas . The first name lives up to the date of the Arroyo Fourth (4 December 1958) floods, and the second which is also popularly known location in the city, the mayor who then built was established to honor the slum. In addition to the circumstances that led to the construction in 1959, during this time, the building was undergoing a steady decline that has been redeemed through this action that the city has appreciated greatly. Introduction The design of the building arises from the need to generate sustainable construction, with low energy demand by the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate, light the place as an element of relationship between the exterior and interior must penetrate stays a maximum number of hours but in turn the building should be a generating element and used traditional elements such as patios. To define the proposal have analyzed the characteristics of the plot, its social order, dimensions of facades and entrances and determinations Enforcement Ordinance; five heights (PB + 4) are provided, have not been putting ground floor apartments to separate completely the use of commercial premises. Thus it is possible to meet the established program, adapting to the specific rules of subsidized housing units. The shape of the plot, its use and the social housing program, two, three and four bedrooms, the occupation of space below ground in its entirety to give the building more parking spaces has conditioned the project, together with obtaining the maximum retail space and social facilities.

AVS Awards 2013

Modalidad Public housing


Fecha de inicio de obra 2010-08-06

Fecha del certificado final de obra 2013-01-14

Dirección Calle Fernández Fermina
Málaga (Spain)

  • Roberto Barrios Pérez
  • Elisa Cepedano Beteta
  • MAD Arquitectura SLP
  • Instituto Municipal de la Vivienda
  • Sacyr Construcción, S.A.
Otros técnicos
  • Carlos Tostado Marcos
  • David Carrasco Fernández