69 subsidized housing units in Sabadell

69 BUILDING HOMES (VPO) REPOSITORY The building of 69 housing units presented is a promotion of public housing company in Sabadell (Vimusa). 38 homes for sale and 31 to rent, 5 shops on ground floor and 76 parking spaces on two floors. The total constructed area is 9683.90 m2. The end result of executed building is the result of reflections about: 1- The housing typologies used. To get the pieces to vent outside. To raise an inner flexible distribution that suits the user's evolution over the years. 2- The grouping of different types to form the bars built and prioritize the objective of achieving housing airy and bright. North-south cores, 2 flats per floor. Blocks east-west, 4 apartments per floor. 3- The correct energy performance of the building. Attention to reducing energy demand (materials, passive architecture), choice of centralized energy production system with controlled management of the distribution of production houses. Adding to the choice of renewable geothermal energy system DHW heating and climate. Individual awareness and reducing energy consumption by incorporating prepaid.

AVS Awards 2013

Modalidad Public housing


Fecha de inicio de obra 2008-06-02

Fecha del certificado final de obra 2012-09-21

Dirección Avenida Estrasburg, 47-59
Barcelona (Spain)

  • Eduard Freixas
  • Rafel Gálvez
  • Ricard Perich
  • Habitatges municipals de Sabadell, S.A.
  • ARI-COR,S.L.
Otros técnicos
  • Ferran Carbó
  • Eva Mª Ferrer
  • David Onieva
  • Marta Alonso
  • Joaquim Cornet