245 homes in The Future

It's 7-yard towers (8 in the competition) open type, which are rotated seeking to increase the distance between the facades of houses. Ensures that do not have a flat front facade, but corners foreshortened views and visions of outdoor spaces with different character, scale, light ... The typology of 4 dwellings per core (distribution swastika) with patio, optimizes this impact without giving up two orientations per home and abroad and cross ventilation courtyard. The minimum number of types is achieved, saving the construction process. The position of the towers patio home-studied from the optimum sunlight, but with appearance of objects placed almost by chance, ordered the "spaces-between-the towers" that are neatly lined up to get to the strip, (forming towers offices raised in the contest of the same size, but that speak of a rotunda, corporate, sequential repetition suitable for strip) The house-exterior spaces, relationship is the leitmotiv of the proposal. Each tower has associated a square, a "clearing" willing to transcend the private patio and propose halfway to the privacy of each house and the public of the city, which are chained together new relations between neighbors, looking for a stopover that "thing" new edificatorio and social fabric. The seats offer a range of possibilities open to different uses, from sports facilities, market, playground, shaded area in summer under awnings .... The concept takes place on garage and dense wooded areas, where there is none, plays in favor of lower costs in urbanization and optimize the solution space on two floors. As for materials you think precast concrete panels, extruded vertically placed textured and aluminum slats vertical axis playing with the same vertical rhythm.

AVS Awards 2013

Modalidad Public housing


Fecha de inicio de obra 2009-08-06

Fecha del certificado final de obra 2012-12-10

Dirección c/ San Salvador, 32
Sevilla (Spain)

  • Jose Maria Lapuerta Montoya