Bilbao Roommates Public Program

Bilbao Roommates Public Program is a new program, lead by Viviendas Municipales de Bilbao, and incardinated in the areas of development, sustainability, balance between city neighborhoods and improvement of the quality of life of all Bilbao citizens, connected to the housing public stock of the City of Bilbao .

For Viviendas Municipales de Bilbao this program is an opportunity to open new channels to meet the demand of public housing from individual applicants, who doesn’t usually have individualized housing resources, because the standard one is formed by 2, 3 or more bedrooms public apartments.

Therefore, this new program is not only a new resource, but also as an innovative response in the context of the use of public housing, which connects key values of Viviendas Municipales de Bilbao beyond their public service, as solidarity and harmony , transcending and aligning with other objectives of urban regeneration and social mixture iniotiatives also adapted to the context of crisis and global uncertainty.

AVS Awards 2013

Modalidad Mejor estrategia para facilitar el acceso a la vivienda