55 subsidized housing in Sant Joan Despi

Building Description. The resulting titration is a direct reflection of the way the site. The large front facade is occupied entirely by the noble parts of houses, setting the standard of organization, below is a second bay with kitchens, steps and services, subtracting a subsequent third that houses the bedroom that faces the interior apple. The project required around the corner and the adjacent street, needs a twist to continue to maintain the alignment of vial. This involves introducing a change in the type of housing and the module to continue colmatando maximum buildable site. The project is completed with a small annex and separated from the main body to complete the volume of the management of the block. It should be noted the proposed quality housing more generic type and austerity used in the building and the formalization of the facades, resolved with exposed brick and sliding and folding aluminum shutters. The roofs are flat on the ground floor commercial premises alternate with houses equipped with a wide terrace facing the yard plot. The building consists of two floors for parking with a total capacity of 110 spaces for cars and 55 storage spaces linked to matching homes. Implementation criteria The proposal has a compact building mass that respects and aligned with adjacent buildings, maintaining sufficient distances from the width of roads and pavements. The project is solved without the use of courtyards plot. (Just to solve the problem of turning such a compact building). This implies that all units of housing spaces are exterior, which is achieved by positioning in central servers spaces and leading to a circular flow around this space. This organization allows each module to provide an average width of 6.60 meters and organize a repetitive module that optimizes the distributional and flexibility of use possibilities, as you can see on the drawings. The only yard plot that has the project and interior patinejos allow greater flexibility of housing. The inner courtyard serves as has been said, to turn the building and ventilate spare bedrooms, laundries and kitchens. The patinejos serve to facilitate vents and conducted to provide interior spaces for hanging. On the cover a portion of the useful plant to organize a terrace where the quarter-gas, enteritis machinery and the accumulation zone and reception of solar energy through solar panels are located space is freed. The facades are formed by a set of aluminum slats bastimento narrow leg with steel, some sliding and fixed or folding rest. This system creates an intermediate chamber between the inner and the outer like the greenhouse effect of the old blinds "Venetian" typical widening and eliminate all alternative systems of closing all windows inside the houses. Blinds mobility rate introduces a varied composition in the building of great interest and cushioning at the same time the effect of the limited extent of the unitary module. Interior organization The project includes 55 homes, developed under the program established by the IMPSOL and the city of Sant Joan Despi: 2 shops, 110 parking spaces and 55 storage rooms. The access to both homes and the local plant you trade underground and are located on ground floor, ground level of perimeter sidewalks. Dwellings: There are 9 types on the ground floor and 8 in model plants. These types are reflected in the document level, and are 2 or 3 bedrooms, enhancing the living and dining areas with good orientation and large openings. The ground floor units are slightly raised, promoting their privacy. The proposal includes a housing adapted, with a sample of the mobility and adaptation of housing to different types of users. Local: Located in the south-east side are open to the street Torrent d'en Negre, commercial main route south-west to the historic core. It is anticipated that these premises are flush with the street level, unlike the ground floor apartments. The parking and storage: Located on the ground floors -1 and -2, 110 seats are located. It is anticipated, as established by legislation, 3 different outputs. A ladder attached to the ramp, a second at the northwestern side with an outlet to the open central courtyard (with access from the street), and a main entrance located at the intersection of c / Goytisolo and Torrent d ' in Negre, access containing an adapted lift. The storerooms are associated with a number of places and are indoors with doors and RF detectors. The project incorporates the recommendations of the program such as: DHW heating with solar energy support; forecast electrical circuit for heating convectors murals or forecasting "all electric". The kitchen equipment is common to all homes. All rooms have space for hanging and forecasting space for washing machine and laundry location. GUIDANCE The site, located 3 winds, has a main facade (C / Goytisolo) with a south west orientation. One of the main concerns was getting the most sunning areas living-room dwellings. The entire strip of houses which gives this street has such stays in the good direction, the rest (both located in the C / T. D'en Negre such as the C / J. Verdaguer) are the main rooms oriented Poniente and Levante, always fleeing North guidelines for the daytime areas. One of the aspects common to all homes has been conducting large openings in the areas of dining-room, getting more light quantity. 3.4 ACCESS The building has three different access types defined according to the activity undertaken: 1. Access Parking plants, using a ramp for vehicles and 3 pedestrian access: a ladder attached to the ramp, a stair lift with access from the street and an emergency exit at the other end to the patio interior (open to the outside patio). 2. Access to the interior patio plot by a fence practicable, at street level. 3. The access to the stairways of dwellings (6 in total). These communication cores are provided with a staircase and an elevator practicable, as set out in the regulations. 3.5 DISTRIBUTION OF NUMBER OF VIVINDAS / LANDING. The access to the stairways of the houses (6 total): C / Jacinto Verdaguer: 1 core access to 4 apartments per floor, 4 more indoor plants. C / Goytisolo: 4 cores access to 2 apartments per floor, 4 more indoor plants. C / Torrent d'en Negre: 1 core access to 3 apartments per floor, 3 more indoor plants. 3.6 HOUSING ADAPTED He planned an allocation of housing (3% of 55 houses) to be located on ground floor. At the project level also shows the possibility of conversion of some homes adapted more or conversely, as the final solicitations both IMPSOL as the various bodies that may be involved in this promotion. 3.7 YARDS OF LIGHT AND VENTILATION PATINEJOS The building is pierced by a single yard closed for 3 patinejos light and ventilation. These start at ground floor and are not covered. All are sized appropriately for the plants that provide light and ventilation. The patio lights always exceeds 3m free diameter and respects angles and distances overtures. Thus the use of empty spaces as places power to bring light to rooms and kitchens. The patinejos (three), are located in the central section block and allow water supplies, gas and fume extraction kitchens. 3.8 CONSTRUCTIVE JUSTIFICATION The premise of the game of this project has been to achieve a constructive systems that allow: Place a streamlined structure, for both the two floors of parking as the four houses. Studying a constructive solution assumable costs for building public housing, both in the choice of materials and construction systems to run in a more advantageous manner. Standardization of construction elements that facilitates one hand considerable economic benefit and other higher quality of execution to mean a lower number of different construction operations, windows, shutters, coating materials, etc. A higher concentration of constructive responsibilities, avoiding dispersions always difficult to control and monitor the works. Some qualities of materials, building systems and registration of facilities that minimize maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary, avoiding future situations representing conservation or disproportionate damage works. Materials The foundation is based on isolated footings and foundation walls, the structure is concrete buildings, ceilings of plasterboard walls. Brickwork facades with traditional system of internal insulation chamber fixed louvered shutters, sliding and folding steel, aluminum windows and internal varnished wood. Indoor terrazzo flooring and wall paintings in the interiors of homes.

AVS Awards 2008

Modalidad Public housing


Fecha de inicio de obra 2005-01-01

Fecha del certificado final de obra 2007-01-01

Dirección Sant Joan Despí
Barcelona (Spain)

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