Escola Bressol, Arenys de Munt, La Petjada

The building of the Escola Bressol Arenys de Munt Can Barbeta located in an industrial area developed in one and the same level to encourage mobility around a large axis connecting the two ends, a multipurpose room and an area-large low the look of mountain views as a backdrop. As for its location intended to be integrated in a context such that: 1) Fits the contour. 2) achieves the views south over urban roads 3) integrates the northern mountain views from inside. It has intervened in the mountains to make big banks formed by rocks looking mixed with vegetation and be the backdrop of a scenario that begins from the inside lobby. The program also includes: a) A court of 900 m2 which operates independently of the building but always interacting with him. b) The program welcomes 115 children in three teachers lines set in 8 classrooms and a large multipurpose room of 120 m2. The structure is precast concrete The light is directly north and south diffuse light as possible and overhead thanks to large skylights that bounce light into the interior through a metal structure shaped skylight Half Dome and a large linear parasol by adjustable slats. c) On the other side of the building and framing the entrance on the east side there is a body of organic geometry and painted blue corner is the teacher. The main access is via a staircase and through a long ramp that presentation mode socket separates the volume of the building from the street.

III Mostra d’Arquitectura del Maresme

Modalidad Non-residential public buildings


Dirección C/ Can Barbeta S/N
Arenys de Munt
Barcelona (Spain)

  • Luis Rodríguez de Llauder Santomà
  • Ajuntament d´Arenys de Munt
  • Stonegru SL
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  • Luis Rodríguez de Llauder Santomà