Habitatge per-family to a jove detectiu

The slope of the plot, south orientation and spectacular views dictate the position of housing in the upper, flat platform, enabling a simple foundation and minor earthworks. The garage-workshop is placed in the far north as the logical culmination of the ramp, organizing the rest of the program on two floors to prevent the invasion of sloped land. The property is divided functionally simple: bedrooms and more private areas upstairs and downstairs living spaces. The resulting volume is achieved by the inclusion of two courtyards that make the interior layout almost unnecessary. The hall and the center of the house lengthen allowing the output to the rear, condensing functions and enabling simultaneous movements and domestic activities. The courtyards illuminate and organize, relate and separate. A simple solution to several problems: the joint entry of light and ventilation elongated volume, reducing built to adjust the final cost surface, and a quiet and intimate to the stunning views of the sea and surroundings alternative.

III Mostra d’Arquitectura del Maresme

Modalidad Single family houses


Dirección Tordera
Avinguda Andalucía 32 - Urb. Can Domenech 118
Barcelona (Spain)

  • Alberto Altes Arlandis
  • Juan Manuel Olivera