Housing Europe, Delphis, International Union of Tenants convoque European Responsible Housing Awards 2022

Assessment criteria

The Jury, chaired by the International Union of Tenants, will assess how the submitted “good practice” contributes to the applicant’s CSR, on the particular dimension corresponding to the entry category. 

The Jury will pay particular attention to the following aspects: 

  • Stakeholder dialogue and Partnerships: How were stakeholders involved in the design and implementation?
  • Awareness-raising and leadership: To what extent does it contribute to raise awareness on CSR, responsible housing and sustainable development?
  • Transparency and accountability: To what extent is the organisation transparent / accountable on its commitments, actions and results relating to the proposed good practice?
  • Operational implementation: Were some specific tools developed/used? How replicable is it?
  • Assessment of the shared value created: To what extent/ how was the impact assessed?
  • To what extent is it innovative?

In addition to the above mentioned criteria, the Jury will also consider the applicant’s overall CSR approach and how CSR principles and objectives translate and are included into its core activity. 

Finally, all applicants must be translated into English (including attached files) and must be 100% completed and validated

Demonstrate your commitment as a responsible housing provider and present your organisation as front runner at European level!

Délais pour l'inscription 13/09/2021 à 06/02/2022