Affordable building / living in a highly technical time-age = smart / green and urban houses / Quatiere to cities without losers and taxpayer help

ormation of a local construction team on site

Collaboration with the goal: More defense/profit for all local citizens including climate protection. *

Building team:

Planners, municipalities, craftsmen of all industries, building materials dealers as representatives of the supply industry and the lender.

Together they form the round project table

But from the first draft of the construction project.

with BIM.

The profit (or loss) was already 20% for all participants in the two prototypes. = Performance has to pay off for everyone.

Therefore, the performance is divided among the construction workers:

30% entrepreneur

30% worker

30% customer

10% research

Conclusion: Productive work is fun and brings more pay and leisure.

* Since 1990, the number of trucks and especially heavy goods traffic has more than doubled. According to government forecasts ... emissions from trucks will not fall (is in time to climate change)

European Responsible Housing Awards 2019

Modalidad Leaders of innovation, agents of fair energy transition

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