Habitat participatif Séniors Jules Guesde

This project is a collaborative work between Troyes Habitat and a group of senior residents within the NPNRU Jules Guesde convention. The purpose is to work with users of our housings to describe what we should built for senior people in the future. To achieve this goal, Troyes Habitat works with the UTT SilverTech pulpit witch is an expert in collaborative working methods. We also use the expertise of our local partners like ADMR (social association), MSA (health insurance), medical experts...

These working groups are going to take place between January and October 2019. At the end, the group has to write a recommendations book for the future architect of a 30 housings building project where senior residents of the neighborhood could live in a few years.

European Responsible Housing Awards 2019

Modalidad Building strategic alliances, fostering community participation

Dirección 2 allée Gaspard
10000 - Troyes
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