For the final decision on the winners and four mentions of this year, including buildings completed between 2007 and 2009, the jury of Catalonia AVS Awards took into account different evaluation criteria. These include the improvement of urban space to contributing projects submitted for analysis, architectural solutions, reasonable cost and set of actions, technological innovation, sustainability criteria and using techniques that respect the environment . The awards have also sought to recognize the transverse effort by the different sectors of government as well as the design and quality of all projects submitted to the contest, and have valued above all the efforts of all parties in account the current situation in the sector.

Jury members
Pepe Navarro president of the jury

Alcalde de Terrassa

Lola Irún Ruiz Secretary

Directora de Castelldefels Projeccions.

Josep Armengol Member

gerente de Compact Habitat

Miquel Bagudanch Member

gerente de Prat Espais

Esther Llorens Member

representante de la Secretaria d’Habitatge de

Jordi Badia Member

miembro del Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de

Jaume Cases Member

miembro del Colegio de Aparejadores y Arquite

Jury decision


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The building of 44 dwellings Pardinyes the municipality of Lleida, located in Vincente Ximenis, 5 and promoted by INCASÒL wins the prize for the best performance of newly built housing.

The award for best integrated action has gone to the total refurbishment of the District of Bon Pastor of Barcelona, ​​which was an action carried out by the Municipal Housing Board of Barcelona.

The jury awarded four mentions in the category of new building in Sant Cugat del Valles Barcelona.

Two prizes and four mentions of between fifty and six projects divided into three categories: housing new construction, integrated action and rehabilitated housing.

Tonight in Terrassa, have known the winners in the edition of the Awards of Social Housing Catalonia 2009, which were granted as part of a dinner for the awards ceremony, presided over by Carme Labòria Rojas, Deputy Mayor Area Urban Planning and Territory Terrassa City Council, which took place at the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (MNACTEC). A ceremony which was accompanied by the exhibition of fifteen finalist candidates with a sample of fifty-six proposals submitted to the Awards.

The jury delivered its verdict for each of the established categories: best performance in newly built housing, better integrated action except rehabilitated housing has been unsuccessful. At the awards have been able to choose all actions completed in Catalonia between September 1, 2007 and August 31, 2009.

The award for best performance in new building housing has fallen on the building of 44 houses in the street Vicenç Ximenis, 5 of Lleida.

The INCASÒL promotion, forty-four apartments and parking, award, is the work of architects Jaime Coll and Judith Leclerc, Angela Vidal as a technical architect. The building has four floors with 11 apartments per floor and each apartment has 60 square meters and two bedrooms.

An architectural proposal that has been awarded as too worked in all aspects, from the lace in the urban context where it belongs, to the construction detail, through a suggestive spatial planning unbuilt.

Pardinyes building was valued highly the proposed typology of housing, especially for its clarity and flexibility of use, which allows a high level of adaptability in terms of family programs that can be developed, the age of the users and the time of year. One type of housing that level of quality and comfort, draw a proposal favoring housing conditions in terms of views, ventilation, lighting and sunlight.

From the architectural proposal was considered very encertado game transitions that allows the building and reproduced between the street and the entrance hall and between it and the access gateways to homes and play private outdoor areas, breeding at the entrance of each dwelling, which, together with the departure of its inhabitants into the street, have an important role transition in the private indoor and outdoor public. Finally stresses the resolution of the facades in a differentiated manner, depending on the domestic character and / or urban.

A proposal also incorporates energy efficiency standards - Through orientation of housing, adequate shading, insulation and ventilated facade systems, centralized production of heat and concrete solutions regarding the incorporation of industrial materials and streamlining the construction process.

Bon Pastor of Barcelona, ​​a completely remodeled neighborhood gets the distinction as the best integrated action.

AVS Catalonia with this award distinguishes a residential performance in which it has managed to combine the efforts and participation of different actors, from a holistic perspective, focusing on issues of social groups and neighborhoods.

Bon Pastor remodeling stems from the modification of the metropolitan general plan polygon of cheap houses, drawn by architect Jordi Romero, the City Council approved the Generalitat 2001 and 2002.

The remodeling of Bon Pastor, in housing, one of the most important activities being carried out in Barcelona, ​​because it provides for the replacement of 784 homes with moisture problems and few living conditions for a new neighborhood of 1,000 homes new built with sustainable criteria and energy saving and new green areas.

The remodeling consists of five phases and the prize mentions the first three phases. The first, led by architects Esteve Aymerich and Anton Salvadó, spring 2004 began and was completed in 2006. It consists of 152 homes, 6 commercial premises and 106 parking spaces spread over 4 buildings. The houses have a floor space of between 55 and 96 square meters and consist of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms. One of the most important features is that they have built following criteria of sustainability and energy saving water and energy consumption.

The second phase of remodeling, by architects Victor Segui, Santiago Vives and Salvadó-Aymerich, began in December 2007 and is about to end. It comprises a total of 190 homes, shops and parking divided into four blocks. Are being built with the same or similar to those of the first phase finishes, using the same criteria of sustainability and energy saving.

The third phase of the project is currently in draft stage and will consist of 160 homes, premises and car parks spread over three different blocks with a total floor area of 19,800 square meters. The homes will also have 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms and is built with the same energy sustainability criteria that was used in previous phases.

The jury praised the regenerating and transforming capacity of the urban fabric by the nomination and care to maintain the existing social fabric.

The candidate has managed to make an excellent proposal planning that marked the beginning and starting point of a performance that has made ​​possible the progressive and gradual transformation of a neighborhood getting good architectural proposal formulated edificatoria and common spaces.

The jury also distinguished the good implementation in the environment that has been done with the operation, the correct typological distributions and building quality in materials and in their implementation and application of eco-efficiency and sustainability elements.

The importance of these actions lies in the complexity of management issues that can only be resolved with the participation and management of all social agents involved, a fact that is stated in the proposal awarded since surpassed the complexity, unifying various operators for the social work in the rehousing and driving the active participation of residents in the design and implementation of comprehensive Bon Pastor neighborhood.

Four mentions complement the difficult decision to award the prize for the best performance in new construction home.

The quality of the fifty-six proposals has become very difficult to choose the winning projects. In this sense, the jury has decided, after various meetings that examined all the candidates, and once selected the fifteen finalists in the category of new construction, to grant, in addition to the awards, four mentions for the most outstanding proposals besides the winner in this mode.

- The building Pujades, 304, 175 housing for young people, parking and a residential educational action to the 22 @ Barcelona district, namely the block forming the streets Pujades, Fluvià, Bac de Roda and Llull, promoted by REGESA project architect Joan Pascual Argenté. He has received the endorsement to have a proposal that results in a building of great build quality with other tertiary apple pieces setting in which it is located.

The proposal highlights the difficulty of unifying programs, housing, residential center and parking, as well as the complexity and logic of facilities, including concern for the constructive values, quality finishes and eco-efficient criteria that maintained.

-The Promotion of 36 homes for youth Can Caralleu of Barcelona, ​​promoted by the FAMILY FOUNDATION AND WELFARE, designed by the team that make architects Marta Peris and José Manuel Toral Eugenio Fernández, has received the endorsement by submitting a proposal to introduce a good resolution of implantation in the environment, providing a correct answer to the symbolism of the building with a facade proposal through the galleries, get depth and where windows with shutters, get a system based on shifting shadows orientation, highlighting, ultimately, the magnificent views of the site and integrating it into the environment.

A proposal that especially emphasizes the generation of a collective public space based approach to buildings and novelty in the typological distribution of housing.

- Promotion of 64 homes for sale and rent 23 Mira-sol Centre in Sant Cugat del Vallés, designed by architect Eduard Gascón Climent and technical architect Xavier Pla de los Rios, promoted by Municipal Promotions Sant Cugat del Vallés ( Promusa), gets a mention per the successful implementation environment, responding to the adjoining buildings, through an architectural solution well resolved in its volume and a typological consistency in the distribution of plants and adaptation to the spaces. Another aspect highlighted by the mention has been the decision of the complexity of the dual program host a neighborhood center and housing as well as the incorporation of the terraces in each of the houses and their positive impact on the facades and control through a remote management system, centralized DHW.

- The project of 81 sheltered housing for big people, four housing with support services and central district of Can Fountain, north of Barcelona, ​​promoted by the Municipal Housing Board of Barcelona and designed by the architectural team Sergi Serrat Ginés Egea and Cristina García, has been awarded a citation for considering a proposal that solves the complexity and difficulty of getting a project exceeding the centrality and topographical.

It also highlights the confluence of different programs and closely linked to the generation of public space that takes the candidacy, which adds to the quality of urbanization and the building, the proper use of materials and their resolution uses eco-efficiency aspects and treating the transition space in housing element as climate control.

Desert to the best performance in renovated home the prize.

Despite the importance of rehabilitation in the current context and how this contributes to city, and valuing highly the involvement of promoters in this mode, the Social Housing Awards, having examined the nominations, the Jury Finds unanimously declare no winner in this category.

AVS Catalonia, aware of the importance of rehabilitation to improve the quality of our cities and citizens, encourages the submission of new proposals in future editions of the Awards.

Philosophy Awards

With the announcement of the Awards Social Housing Catalonia 2009, AVS Catalonia wants to publicly acknowledge the efforts of the promoters, cooperatives and foundations working for public housing is a quality model in every way.

Awarded through three modes: new construction, rehabilitation and integrated action, want to distinguish the most important actions carried out in Catalonia in the field of social housing. For adjudication is taken into account also the work done, the added value that incorporates each of the candidates presented in different modalities. Thus, commitment to quality, innovation, cost and project rationality, culture of service and responsibility to cities and the environment, have been the key pieces for granted.

The spirit is that the Awards are an excuse to help spread the work and initiatives that many developers take each day term commitment and rigor, opting for public housing is a benchmark of quality. Social housing is and must be a role model and Social Housing Awards, want to stress through recognition to actions in the field of social housing, have contributed to promoting social cohesion, improve the tissue urban; In short: it has to do city.

The Habitat of Joya: design, innovation and collaboration for an award.

Thus, commitment, quality, innovation, service culture and accountability with the cities and the environment, have been the key to the awarding of prizes pieces and fruit of this spirit, AVS Catalunya bet in the last edition for the award to represent collect all these values. Thus, collaboration between the Catalan Association of Public Land and Housing and the Massana School, born an evocative and meaningful sculptural piece of the spirit of the Awards of Social Housing Catalonia: The Habitat of a Jewel.

Manual labor, technology, innovation and graphical design with values ​​that serve to protect the image of these awards, for sculpture and entries evoke the same, highlighting the importance of building housing for the people and for the people: the jewel.

Description sculptural piece:

The metal and stone are noble materials par excellence in construction.

In this object are present. Furthermore, the measure, proportion, ergonomics and the latest technologies coexist with chance of oxidation of the metal, as patina, and the porosity of the warm stone like texture.

AVS Catalonia promotes the growth of living space provided in the spirit of considering the person depicted with sterling silver as valuable jewel for construction.

Description of the graphic elements (mentions):

The dihedral diploma allow participating finalists by a simple manipulation of three-dimensional shape with sculptural object.

Overall Design: Josep Caries (jeweler and teacher Massana School).

Graphic Design: Quirze Pérez (Massana School alumnus and EMAV).

Coordination AVS Catalunya and Massana School: Pere Duran.

To perform the piece have also collaborated: Cast Mibrosa, MD finishes, marble Trafach, jewelery workshop M. Navas, prints Albert Ventura, Plec of Cartró, Prints estudifg itroquels Geser.

The spread of a job well done: the Exhibition

Make housing is to make city, is to make social cohesion, is to society. Fifty-six projects, candidates edition of the Social Housing Awards 2009 organized by AVS Catalonia Catalonia, are a good example and therefore an informative and interesting exhibition tour Catalonia.

The fifteen finalists and a sample of fifty-six performances of Catalonia are perfect for incorporating new patterns qualified technical excuse to make sense of the exhibition accompanying the Awards, an example of the commitment of governments, developers and do performances more planned, creating new solutions, innovate with commitment and rigor, ultimately, to build cities and citizenship.

A sample as a whole is the synthesis of an important professional and human effort, people work for people. These projects on display, showing a summary of the present and future of public housing construction quality carrying cooperatives term, foundations, professional and public and private developers.

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