48 homes in the area of ​​"Can Coll" 9-10-11-12 buildings in Torrelles de Llobregat

In the new western outskirts of Torrelles de Llobregat, in a rural setting in progressive urbanization and once determined by the planning boundaries and density of new construction, we now consider the form of four identical blocks to the project orders of 12 dwellings per block with parking, ground floor, ground floor and two floors. The plan allowed to choose the building depth, defining an isolated or detached from the mountain with a certain degree of scaling block. In this type of public housing, the conventional parallelepiped block of 33.5 m long, 15.5 m DEPTH and PB + 2PP height has many eco-biological, rational and constructive advantages: it allows the slightest trace, ground, in the territory; insertion into the landscape resolves without volumetric or aesthetic violence; rational depth (13.5m) allows adequate sunlight and good ventilation; it is sustainable, compact building (with the maximum volume wrapped within the minimum envelope surface, optimizing gains in summer energy losses in winter), in contrast to most land occupation plan, and consequent Increased front of foundations, the difficulty of repetition, the difficulty in designing elements of evacuation and the greatest impact on the landscape which is the stepped block. It is proposed to organize the type block with four apartments per floor, a staircase and a lift: the houses are open to the valley, and an inner courtyard will be added to transversely vent housing on one side. Constructive economy is obtained through standardization. As rational means of construction and organization mix new and conventional elements: lattice structure of pillars and reinforced concrete slabs bidirectional similar lights, less than six meters; Recordable own space for mechanical installations from the common space; concentration of water, identical repetition vertically and interior layout for false ceiling in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways; Dry mounted modular closures in west- facades protected by conventional dual cantilever leaf to the most expuestas- north, south and east; Building components- repeat windows, blinds doors, sanitary ware ... As biological eco-measures, implementation is proposed: actual use of biodegradable and recyclable materials; building insulation than normative (small increase in spending, big savings for the environment); regulating the consumption of water and electrical appliances; Rainwater collected in a reservoir bottom plan; vegetation cover flat; ACS generation with solar panels; control asoleo summer on the west facade by blinds, responsible in turn constitute the main image of the building. Suo color is used as an aid to blend into the landscape and better integrate the block type -of urbanas- reminiscent in its rural setting.

AVS Awards 2010

Modalidad Public housing


Dirección Sector Can Coll nº 9-10-11-12
Torrelles de Llobregat
Barcelona (Spain)

  • Barceló-Balanzó Arquitectes SLP
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  • Kalok Empresarial SL