72 intergenerational housing, health center and day center at Plaza. Of America, Alicante

The building of intergenerational homes of America Plaza is the first building of the Municipal Program of Intergenerational Housing and Citizen Services Proximity to the city of Alicante is launching in the city that shares the philosophy of "live and age with dignity at home . "This principle engine is joined by the social program which is indivisible part from the housing and which is made ​​from a social and anthropological perspective that takes into account the objectives of social cohesion (dependence), awareness of identity (membership and strength tradition (persistence). The building aims at the construction of suitable habitat seek people who will live in it; from older people with some level of dependence youth who will participate in solidarity in the attached social housing program to program. Equally important is the integration of the building in an urban environment involved, with their qualities and being resident focus of communal life. From where are the spaces that host activities and services; where people are people, often with disabilities and orientation problems, problems that need to be answered architecturally clear space and design elements to serve as references ". The project objectives are: finding solutions for dignified and independent living for our seniors; setting next to the citizen and linked to the most urgent of each of the neighborhoods demands dotacionales services; actively help the urban redevelopment of the area where they are located improving public space and accessibility to the neighborhood, and get the maximum use of the land for facilities that exist in our city. Al Board was granted of dotacional ground that once fulfilled its mission, can accommodate other uses. That is, these lots are located in well established urban areas, which offer the possibility of several interventions within its limits, this being the reason that arises not only to build the corresponding services such qualification soil, but others, such as housing. The core, therefore, all projects are intergenerational housing, being such housing needs that cover priority, as well as financing facilities. But in buildings other local services that not only ensure proper operation of housing and its residents are located, but also cover the needs of the neighborhood, such as health centers, day centers, etc., services, On the other hand, are funding possibilities. The program arises from the point of addressing social and anthropological paradigm interveci with older people has made ​​its way between social care professionals and among public officials, "aged well at home."

AVS Awards 2010

Modalidad Integrated operations


Dirección Pza. de América, c/ de la Dehesa, c/ Hermanos Soto Chapulí, c/ Francisco Verdú
Alicante (Spain)

  • Oficina Técnica del Patronato Municipal de la Vivienda de Alicante
  • Carmen Pérez Molpeceres
  • Patronato Municipal de la Vivienda de Alicante (PMVA)
  • Dragados SA
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