Day center for Alzheimer Novelda, Alicante

The need for the HE arises. Ayto. Novelda, rehabilitate and adapt existing facilities of the old Colegio Jorge Juan for the construction of a Center for Alzheimer Patients and execution of construction works necessary for approval as "Day center of elderly dependents". To do this, the reform of the old building and its extension to technically adapt to the parameters required for approval is promoted. The building consists of reforming PB + 1, proposing the adaptation and adjustment of interior spaces for compliance with the minimum requirements and the elimination of architectural barriers. Also, the construction of an annex building is proposed, in the free area of ​​the plot with development complementary to existing building that houses the main collective uses of the Center floor. LIST OF SPACE A.01 CLASS WORKSHOP 1 A.02 CLASS WORKSHOP 2 A.03 CLASS WORKSHOP 3 B.04 MULTIPURPOSE ROOM B.05 ROOM TREATMENTS AND CURES B.06 KITCHEN B.07 ROOM B.08 SALA REHABILITATION B.09 FISIOTERAPIA B.10 MAIN HALL B.11 RECEPTION The chosen in the project design phase system was a system composed of polyurethane resin for its optimal conditions for a continuous pavement, comfortable, decorative and impact noise damper, basic requirements for a care center and health issues like this . The system used for the paving of the Day Centre has been the MASTERTOP 1325. The layer system is mainly composed of a primer MASTERTOP P611 (Two-component epoxy resin, solvent) applied by roller coating and a damper 325 N MASTERTOP BC, leveling two-component polyurethane resin, pigment and solvent. Finally, finishing and sealing was carried out with pigmented based matt UV resistant polyurethane elastic bicomponent.

BASF Architecture Award



  • Luis Navarro Jover
  • Carlos Sánchez García
  • Ángel Martínez García
  • Ayuntamiento de Novelda
  • UTE Secopsa-Gestaser