Bilbao Public Action Face to the Evictions

Bilbao City Council wants to propose an action program, coordinating all municipal resources, to help Bilbao citizens to minimize the consequences of the global crisis situation with an effective support, both for individuals and families , always within the strict competence of the Municipal Social Action and Housing City Council Area, proportional and consistent with the existing public resources. An instrument essentially preventive to avoid social exclusion and housing loss .

The way to achieve this objectives is to define a Municipal Action Plan coordinated between the Bilbao Social Housing and the Municipal Social Services, which crystallizes in this new public service offering :

• early detection system collaboration with courts and justice system.

• early diagnosis of risk of dispossession action to prevent social exclusion .

• implementation of a public service of legal and guidance prediagnosis.

• preparation and dissemination of a resource in housing guide.

• awareness and training in housing .

• brokerage housing services for people at risk of social exclusion.

• design of an Observatory of Social Housing in Bilbao.

This Service works for all those individuals and families who belong to a group particularly vulnerable.

Because we understand that all people should be guaranteed a fair and dignified conditions of life and their right to access and enjoy a house, a home.

AVS Awards 2013

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