Branch Network Housing Barcelona

The creation of the Branch Network housing responds to the conviction that access to housing is one of the tools that strengthen social cohesion in the city. Hence we consider, policies, based on satisfying the right of access to decent housing for people. Housing as part of a comprehensive social policy The concrete will Proximity deployed in each of the boroughs specializes in issues related to housing encompassing in the same portfolio of services the various services offered by the Administration (state, autonomic and local) equipment. The fact function as a single window helps to bring and provide citizenship efforts and processes favoring the efficiency and effectiveness of service. Specialized care is the basis of comprehensive management model of the Network of Housing Offices, aiming for the needs of the demand for housing in our city. The current economic and financial crisis and the will to respond to the current needs of socially vulnerable groups makes avanzemos in the creation of new services related to housing, - access, mediation, rehabilitation, ...- from a social perspective, in order to ensure the various social needs housing for those most in need and at high risk of social exclusion, allocating specific and adequate resources. Therefore it has developed comprehensive project management model Branch Network Housing Barcelona that restructures, standardizes i defines the organization mentioned offices and processes them.

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